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Hot Party Stripper’s Finest Male & Female Exotic Dancers entertainment services. Always looking for strippers for hire all over the United States to dance for many different types of parties and events. Give us a call at one of our offices.


You can work a few hours on Friday & Saturday nights and make more money than working 40 hours a week at most Job’s offered:

  • Male & Female Strippers
  • Midget Strippers & Other Entertainment
  • Party Hosts & Wait Staff
  • Model Promotions
  • Comic Fat Strippers

Hot Party Stripper’s is always looking for new talent! Apply for any of our locations.

Below is some criteria for Stripper Job Employment

1. Must be at least 18 years of age
2. Physically Fit
3. Dependable Transportation
4. Cell Phone
5. Punctual & Motivated ! (If your lazy minded with no hustle your wasting your time)
6. Positive Personality
7. Provide pictures (NOT NUDE), e.g. in speedo/g-string or bikini, pics emphasizing your body/looks. Can be cell phone pics if you feel the pics are of to your betterment.
Provide Sean Michael’s (CEO) list below via email:

First Name:
Last Name:
Stage Name:
Cell Phone:
City your living in:
Email Address

Send this information to

stripper jobs

Classy Shows For Customers To Have Fun While You Make Money

Stripper Employment

Tips for New Female Exotic Dancers Stripping Jobs

It’s time to show your glamour to the world. Let the world know, who you are, what you have. Thousands of girls are now earning a living with stripper jobs. Because of the growing up demands of the sexy female strippers and dancers and strip club owners not paying the salaries to the the go go dancer according to their dance skill and overall performance. Stripper dancing jobs are more effective doing parties no a days versus the all night shifts for no guaranteed pay as well as a atmosphere of many people with bad intentions. Dancers must have a sexy appeal and mind blowing energy. Physical fitness, dance performance, hair, body, personality, witty, and a overall ability to role play as a seductive entertainer in this beautiful adult industry. You must have enough confidence in your heart as the dance floor is waiting for you.

Employee Common Answers For Your Betterment

  • Is the pay worth it ? Yes ! absolutely , as the owner always says , “for one he never provides a cheap service with no motivation for any of us to work in the adult industry”. In fact , he pays all go go dancers very well to assure they are all motivated with amazing enthusiasm to justify doing this line of work which is a sacrifice in itself in terms of relationships etc. He cant control cheap companies falsely advertising promising gold standard service when they are in reality delivering copper service. He cant control customers thinking they will get gorgeous strippers taking all their attire off for little pay. He knows many companies out there are selling cheap rates for parties yet the dancer ends up charging for every little thing they do at the party very similar to a strip club service. The owner doesn’t do this , in fact he weeds out bad customers and bad dancers as well with very little tolerance. No exploitative behavior will be tolerated either with dancers or customers.
  • Must live a healthy lifestyle as a model as well as a exotic dancer for many reasons. You must look the part to represent the company in a positive manor. You must also be confident is the way you look because it will show in your performance.
  • You must be reliable so no more lazy syndrome: must have a car , must have cell phone , must be assertive , overall you must have hustle in this adult industry otherwise the other dancers will out do you.
  • Society sometimes judges: Only if you care about what those common judges think of you will this make a difference. Otherwise work and make money entertaining people which is a necessity for both sides in life.
  • Do any horrible things ever happen ? In all the years, Sean Michael’s has never had any issues with clients worth mentioning. All parties that are reserved are done with a protocol and method that assures a easy work environment.
  • Dancers control parties behavior and dictate what can and cant be done at the event. The company explains all scenarios for the entertainment to take place in the most classy of ways for pure fun.

Stripping Jobs

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