Kiki Los Angeles Girl Stripper

Height : 5’6″
Boobs : 34C
Hair : Dark-Brown
Eyes : Brown
Butt : Butt toned

Call now: (213)-481-6620

Bio : No One Can Afford to Miss Partying with Kiki

Kiki is the best girl strippers in Los Aangeles to chill with for any situation. She is highly capable of making your night colorful with a seductive show. The magical pair of her brown eyes has hypnotizing effects on the men. Most of the men fall in love with Kiki right from the first meeting. She has the ability to attract any man in this world with her immeasurable and unearthly beauty making her a great choice and also you can look at more Los Angeles strippers to pair with her. Her beauty is unconventional with a wide smile on her gorgeous face. The pair of brown eyes along with her smile makes the best combination of beauty. She is recognized as the best definition of beauty for the men. She has thousands of admirers and they never prefer to miss her for a long while. They love everything about Kiki starting from the full lips and small nose on her face. They are fond of her tight butt. Kiki has the perfect pair of breasts followed by a thin waistline under.

Kiki never grows hair in any part of her body except those magical dark-brown hairs on her head she is. Her hairs signify deep waves on the ocean. Kiki is an art, when she lights up the stages with her magical dancing splits. She enjoys playing roles of various characters, such as sexy police girl, naughty maids, wicked school girl etc. Hips and boobs are the best parts of her body, though she has maintained her entire body so elegantly. With a height of 5’6’’, Kiki can be the best company for you in the parties and the best partner for any mood.

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