Miami Attractions

Visiting and Getting Attracted To Miami

Talk about the best holiday destination in the US and everyone would be talking about Miami. It is simply the best that you would find. There is truly nothing better than Miami. This is one place where entertainment meets a lot of fun like a Miami bachelorette party and provides a great experience to the tourists. As a result, everyone loves to live here or at least visit this place once in a year (sometimes even more). Yes, this place is addictive and you would also be getting many options to enjoy your time here. Remember, if it is about anything fun, it is definitely about Miami.

One of the first Miami attractions that you must visit is Zoo Miami. This place is enthralling and you would always keep coming back so that you can get a glimpse of the wild, rare and endangered species of animals that live here safely. If you are fond of shooting, then you must visit Lock & Load Miami and enjoy your spare time shooting in this range. You can also go to the Blue Lagoon water park in order to enjoy some ‘water fun’. Additionally, the visitors must also go to the Santa’s Enchanted Forest. It is one of the only places around where you would be truly fascinated and have a great time as well.

One of the other Miami attractions is South Beach. You could come to Miami and have a some of the best Miami dancers come to your hotel party or simply go to a strip club in Miami. This is an area that has many wonderful clubs where you can party all night long. Although there is no dearth of great nightclubs in whole Miami, you would be finding some of the best ones here itself. You can go to Chalk, Don’t Sit on the Furniture, Score, Mansion, Treehouse and Story. All these nightclubs would be providing you the best of music, some really cool drinks and a lot many people to socialize with. These dance clubs are definitely made for the party animals. Apart from the beautiful beaches of this place, the dance clubs are what would keep you engaged all through.

miami attractions

The beaches in themselves are really classy and present a wonderful opportunity to sun bathe with ease. They are obviously the top Miami attractions that you would find. South Beach always counts as the best in this regard. You would largely be inspired by the crowd attending this place. There are many beach side resorts in this area that match up equally with the wonderful hotels of this place. You can even have strippers in Miami come to your event at the resort. The top hotels of Miami include Four Seasons which is common place in Miami to hire strippers , Intercontinental and Sheraton.

If you come to Miami, you simply need to enjoy the best of parties and nightclubs that compliment all the wonderful beaches of this place and make it the favorite holiday spot of the world. We suggest that you visit South Beach and enjoy the live music, booze and entertainment at the nightclubs situated over there. Though a lot of people prefer to come to Miami to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and to spend some time sunbathing and reading their favorite books, the restless creatures of the night would also be finding a lot to do in Miami.

miami attractions

The South Beach area has many beautiful resorts and hotels that would be attracting your attention. However, if you are visiting Miami, we suggest that you visit Four Seasons Hotel or Sheraton. These are two places where you would be experiencing excellent hospitality and even more amazing spaces to recreate your entire existence. There are many more hotels here like Hampton Inn and Mandarin Oriental that would also be providing you some of the most wonderful hospitality experiences of your life. The best nightclubs of the area are Twist, King of Diamonds, Tobacco Road, Mansions night club, Treehouse, Story, Bongos Cuban Café, LIV and many more. A lot of these clubs are situated in the Miami South Beach area. Therefore, they would be quite easy to access and would be providing you non-stop entertainment and fun as well.

If you love your booze, then you would be getting a lot of options in Miami. There are a number of different as well as unique bars that you would certainly enjoy. The Blue Martini Brickell, Upstairs at the Van Dyke Café, Blackbird Ordinary, Score and Mynt are some of the best places to be. You can even go to Story where you would be finding a fantastic mix of dance and booze and a lot of new people to become friends with as well as being able to find a guide for strippers in Miami. You can also go to Wood Tavern or Churchill’s Club if you want to experience something different with your pubs and bars. These less talked about Miami attractions would definitely be making you feel at home. A lot of locals and tourists attend these bars, clubs and come to the beaches as well. Come to Miami and you would be experiencing style, exclusivity, lots of fun and some very interesting places to explore as well. There is nothing like Miami.