Entertainment In Orlando

Whether you are new to the area, just visiting for a party (or plan on throwing one yourself), or simply want to get out on a Friday night and have a killer time with some friends (and maybe hire a few Orlando strippers), there are a ton of choices for nightlife and entertainment in Orlando and they don’t include Disney at all! here are a few things you can do in central Florida that will leave you with some of the best memories of your life.

Hit the clubs.

If the club scene is where you belong, Orlando is actually a hidden gem that doesn’t get the praise it deserves compared to other cities like Miami. One of the hottest clubs to hit the Orlando scene is the Parliament House. What makes it so special is how unique it is; in essence it is basically six different bars ranging from a piano bar to the latest dance hits. There are over 90 clubs in the area, though, so even if Parliament House isn’t for you, you eventually be able to find something that suits your taste.

orlando entertainment

Orlando Entertainment

Have a drink.

Orlando has a ton of different bars you can go to. One of the coolest bars is called the Imperial (found at Washburn Imports). It’s located in a great area so it doesn’t matter if you’re starting off your night with a few drinks or ending it there, Imperial is a great place to be and is a fantastic place for Florida strippers. The entire feel of the place is like something you would see in a historical postcard from around the world and is ultimately a great place to just hang out. If you’re in the connoisseur crowd, Redlight Redlight is a great microbrewery to give your taste buds a treat.

Take your entertainment to the next level.

It doesn’t matter why you’re in Orlando throwing a party as long as you hire a few Orlando strippers for your entertainment. While there are a few decent strip clubs within the area, using hotpartystripper.com to hire private strippers for your event (whether it’s back at your hotel, your backyard, or any other location) is a great way to create memories your guests will never want to forget.

Some of the hottest girls are in the Orlando area and with private strippers you get to pick the girl you want, customize their costume to fit your style, and ultimately get a personalized show the perfect entertainment in the Orlando area.