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Spring time is here and its time to turn up that event with some NYC private strippers either female or male dancers ! You only live once. Getting a exotic dancer is a great way to celebrate a birthday , bachelor party , bachelorette party , divorce celebration or just the girls or guys night out. One can simply book a New York stripper online. You can have your very own New York stripper. Book your New York Stripper and watch and see them come to the event and turn it up ! Life is short so work hard and party harder !
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We have Female & Male New York Strippers!

If you're looking for a Hot Party Stripper, then you've come to the right place. We've got the hottest Strippers in New York! We have New York Strippers, New York Male Strippers, New York Female Strippers, New York Male Strippers, New York Exotic Dancers, Black New York Strippers, Latin New York Strippers, stripper masculino, stripper feminino, stripper masculino New York , NYC strippers, se habla espanol.

All of our New York Strippers have won numerous talent competitions, been seen on TV and in the pages of Playgirl and Playboy Magazine. Need a black stripper in New York ? We have several to choose from. Need a Latin Stripper in New York? We have the best! We have the hottest strippers in New York! Ask the other agencies why they only have a few strippers to choose from; it's because their strippers have left them to join the best stripper agency in New York owned... Hot Party Strippers. We are owned and operated by the same strippers you see on the website. So when you call, ask to speak with your favorite New York Stripper. He or she will take your party information to begin the process for a night you'll never forget, or you can book your New York Stripper Online  Click here to get started!

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Spice up your night with our hottest New York Stripper! Yes that's right NY! We have the Hottest NYC Strippers in New York. We even have midget strippers! Don't settle for just a another get together with some drinks and dancing or a normal bar night out, hire a New York Stripper and enhance your party to its fullest potential. Why go to a strip club when you can have your own private strippers come to you? Choose your dancer from photos on our website! All NYC strippers in our photos are the real dancers in new York that you can hire from.

Do you have a bachelorette or bachelor party coming up shortly? Is it your birthday or are you getting married? Have our hot and sexy New York male and female strippers accompany you at your party! Our hottest New York Dancers are perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, divorce parties or just any boring night that needs some stimulation from a hottie taking their clothes off! Here at Hot Party Strippers you can uproot your New York night life with one click of a button. Have a hot and fun night or kick back and relax to any of our New York Strippers.

The New York night life may not always live up to your expectations. Maybe you are just bored at a bar or club with no one new and interesting to talk to, or you and your friends can't seem to just have a good time because of the crowded atmosphere that New York Strip Clubs and Bars can have. Well look no further at solving that problem! We will heat up your party like no other with our strippers! Our Gorgeous New York Strippers will come to your party and blow your night away! No more bothering with night clubs, bars, traffic, high prices on drinks and food, and annoying crowds. Personalize your private stripper experience with a Hot Party Stripper for you and your friends and even your dog can enjoy, because you can stay at home! We will hire your stripper personally from our website list of strippers, also found in the photos so you can see them before hand of hiring them for your party! Call now or order online and pick your Male and/or Female New York Dancers for the most amazing night of you and your guests life. What are you waiting for? It's your time to let loose, party and have a blast with our strippers! We are confident that our Hot New York Strippers will exceed your expectations when it comes to their sexy looks, hot dancing, and most of all the overall excitement of having your own personal hot stripper show!

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All the exotic dancers have their own special and different routines or role play with a costume like an actor to guarantee the best fit for your theme party. Its like having a role play develop also with your participation to really make the party more dynamic. We will enhance your optimal stripper experience in helping you decide what's the best theme for your party, and mainly for the host of the party or for whoever is getting our stripper treat. Our hot strippers can't wait to take their clothes off for you! They love to show you a great time and "rev up your engine" with the exciting and stimulating experience of their sexy bodies and their confident charisma. These guys and girls want nothing but a great time and to show a great time! They make sure that your experience with them is memorable and nothing less than exceptional when you order them. If you loved your stripper you are more likely to order them again for your next party. Our hot New York Strippers work out and dance on a daily basis to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the quality of their body and looks. As you can see in our pictures of our real strippers, not one of them isn't hot. Everyone has their strengths and their different life styles and body type, which is why Hot Party Strippers are perfect for you! You can practically customize your stripper by having a wide variety to choose from and the best part is they are all sizzling hot!

The Ultimate NYC Bachelor Party

The uniqueness of New York City has always been famous for the glamour and grandeur it brings to even to the smallest events of life. If you are confused where to host your bachelor party, then you must not think much and get a few bachelor party ideas NYC. The city of New York has something for everyone. The bars, restaurants and places of interest here carry an unparallel charm that attracts all the would-be grooms to the city. Here are a few bachelor party ideas NYC that would help you plan the biggest event if your life before you tie the knot.

NYC Strippers

There are sophisticated and simpler bachelor parties and then there are a few PG rated parties that go all wild. There are many people who like to host both these types. One of the parties, which are obviously more stable and settled, is hosted for colleagues and family of the bride. In these parties, the focus is more on dinners, games and some bonding trips. On the other hand, there are parties hosted for smaller cliques where only a man's best mates are invited. These parties can include strip clubs, casinos, bars and some really feisty sea food. All in all, the bachelor party ideas NYC are many and you can chose from a number of options.

You can start the day with gold at Brooklyn and move on to some Paintball in New Jersey or West Babylon, whichever location is suitable to you. Towards the end of the day, you can choose between various ballgames and fishing or excursion activities. These activities of the later part of the day can also involve the male members of the bride's side, who can easily be bonded with. End the bachelor party for them in a fine dine restaurant. Now, the task is completely up to you if you wish to host an X-rated party for your buddies on the same night or if you would like to go to a different place on a different day.

When you are out with your pals, then opting for casino bachelor party ideas NYC is better. There are many great casinos in this area including the Foxwoods, Trump Marina, Trump Taj Mahal and Tropicana Casino. Later you can move on to the strip clubs of the area like the VIP club, Scores, New York Dolls etc. However, these days, going to massage parlors to end the day is gaining popularity.

Testimonials reviews:

The best night of my life was my divorce party where my friends decided to get me out of "break up funk" and hired me a gorgeous female New York Stripper. When she walked in I had no idea who she was and I was completely taken by surprise.. a fantastic surprise I might add. And this girl was hot, I'm talking super model sexy. This party stripper experience definitely stimulated my night and jolted me out of my divorce depression. If it weren't for my friends or Hot Party Strippers, who knows what I might be doing know? Next time I have ANY party at all, I will be coming back to Hot Party Strippers to hire more sexy New York Strippers. These guys definitely have the hottest strippers in New York all the way, hands down!

My girlfriends promised me they wouldn't get a stripper for my bachelorette party. At first I was super mad at them for not respecting my wishes, but once they got a couple of drinks in me and that stripper knocked on the door, I couldn't help but enjoy myself at this party! I had an exhaustingly fun night. The guy stripper was super hot (shh don't tell my hubby) AND knew how to dance and make everyone laugh and have a great time. If I had known the outcome of this night before telling my friends not to get me a stripper I would have changed my mind for sure. What a fantastic experience I had with a Hot Party Stripper in New York

The best part of the night was seeing the look on our grandmother's face when this young hot New York Male Stripper walked in asking for her. This night was fantastic, for everyone at the party and our granny! The guy was really cool with the situation and seemed to have had a great time himself. We couldn't have asked for a better experience with any other New York Strippers service. These guys are the real deal ladies! Recommended to the fullest! Thanks, Alicia from Brooklyn

HOT! HOT! HOT! The absolute hottest in New York by far! That's all I have to say.

I highly recommend Hot Party Strippers to anyone who needs a private New York stripper. My fiance' and I ordered our strippers together from here for our bachelor and bachelorette parties. Since it was our last night of being single, we agreed to have a great time with our friends. My guy friends loved our female stripper. She was a "construction women who loved to do the dirty work." She had us hysterical in the best way possible. In the other room was my girlfriend, her friends, her MOM and her private cop stripper! Apparently she had great of a night as I did and we will be coming back in the future to order more strippers for our well known parties in new York or for whoever the lucky guy or girl is in our circle of friends to get married next! We had a great time and highly recommend keep up the good work Hot Party Strippers!

Our midget stripper was one of the coolest ideas anyone has ever thought up to have for a party. Our stripper had such a great and fun attitude and really knew how to dance! I was so impressed with the performance of our stripper and my girlfriends loved it too! It was such a perfect choice for my group of friends and my party. Next time I need a midget to strip for me I will come right here to Hot Party Strippers in New York and order another one! I love the fact that I was able to order online and from pictures! It made the process so much easier (and less embarrassing for us shy girls who didn't want to pick up the phone.)

Hot Party Stripper all the way! You guys showed me and my friends the night of our life as promised. It was a great night for everyone including our sexy and fun New York stripper. I will always remember this night and how much fun my friends and I had together. This was well worth the money we spent and we will be back soon for more parties to hire some more Hot Party Strippers again. Hire these guys! They are great! I highly recommend them.

Wow , what a great night for our spring break party in the city of Manhattan. We had Nina and Dawna come to our party and they put one heck of a show. They were so hot and Dawna had a unbelievable firm butt , both girls were classy and had some sexy costumes. I would recommend any of your NYC strippers to my friends. Anyways, we will be calling you again for our Halloween party this year. We are having a star wars theme event and want the exotic dancers coming dressed up as storm troopers. Yea thats the nerd in us, we love star wars and better than that we are looking forward to having some star wars characters take off their hot outfits. Thanks, Mike

If you ever feel like hiring strippers for a party and you are in the area of New York, you canít go wrong with the people from They will accommodate to any needs you might have and they will also provide the very best strippers for you in NYC. You just contact them and they are fast to answer any questions you might have. The most important thing to take into consideration is that these are truly professional people who will do an outstanding job. I truly believe no one else in the area has such a professional team.

Wanted to say the midgets dressed up in oompa lumpa costumes with the midget strippers was a great addition to our office party here in Manhattan. The little guys were great sports about in and al the people had a great time with a lot of laughs. Thanks again for organizing this event for us - John from NY

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