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What’s better than bringing a great laugh to a bachelorette or bachelor party in Vegas. Bring a male or female Las Vegas midget stripper to your day or night out. Bring the little person entertainer to a pool party, a surprise birthday at a restaurant, a corporate event, bachelorette or bachelor party. Many different midget costume ideas are available to choose from. Star wars Darth Vader, Yoda, Oompa Loompas, Leprechaun for St Patrick’s day, Santa elf for Christmas venues, dress one of them up as a cop or pizza delivery. You name it and we will probably have it. Call the event planners today for renting a midget strippers in Las Vegas.

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Pocket Posy

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Vegas midget strippers

Oompa Loompa

Las Vegas midget strippers

Mariah Carey

Las Vegas midget strippers


Las Vegas midget strippers

Pimp Friend

Las Vegas midget strippers

Christmas Elves

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Pool Party Dick

(Look at me im a ….)

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Midget Strippers in Las Vegas

Celebrate with Midget Entertainment in Las Vegas

You can hire a dwarf for the day for any type of occasion or party you love, including both stag dos and Las Vegas midget strippers party. Our pretty people are flexible and ready to have thrill with you whatever the party is, they do not care what the occasion, they only love the party!

Dwarf hire for a stag do still remains the most famous because crazy stags just like to push the boundaries, but hens are getting on the occasion more and more these days and a hen night dwarf becoming a regular place. So, if you like Tyrion Lannister and you want him at your party or would love to be snow white and you want to hang out with one of your extremely own dwarves, your hen party could provide the best chance to do just that.

All the best things come in

Hire a lady dwarf for your stag do and you can include in some extra fun. This pocket rocket can be your little stripper, she will even dominate your stag if you want to truly shock him. He will never live this down and you can all arrest the look on your bachelor’s face as you photograph his amazement at what you have got planned.

Our dwarfs for hire are for any type of occasion or party, they will be up for some excitement no issue what the party is.


This pretty bundle of laughs loves karaoke and they will be excited to sing… and even more keen to get the groom or bride up to sing with them! These Las Vegas midget strippers can bust some moves the dance floor and if that is not ample you can truly shock your hen or stag, and your dwarf handcuffed to them for the day! Imagine your hen or stag being tied to their dwarf friend for the full party. Every person around town will be starting to them and no one’s going to forget this party!

With your hen or stag firmly handcuffed to their dwarf, they will have no option but to get out there and throw some shapes with them. And when it comes to karaoke, this dwarf would not be signing alone. Your midget for hire also loves to enjoy practical jokes. Just like Weeman from jackass and he loves to be in on the action, whatever he is. These girls and guys might little, but they would not hold back.

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