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Authorization BOOKING-FEE for One Time Payment

This is a Event Planning Non-Refundable Fee


This is for ENTERTAINMENT not Illegal Activities

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ( This is a LEGAL Document )

AGE REQUIREMENT: Must be 18 years of age or older.


All deposits are Non-Refundable; no exceptions, via credit card. Exact cash payment is only accepted the for final payment prior to event/party. Deposits can be credited to a future event/party for up to one (1) year of original booking date. These deposits are to secure the entertainers/performers. Deposits also prevent competitor companies unethical fraudulent reservations. We can cancel your booked event/party and charge a cancellation fee ($100), if at any time any adults, and/or guest are disrespectful and/or not courteous to our staff/performers at ANY time. No violence, hitting, kicking, and/or screaming is permitted to any staff/performer at any time; this includes office staff. If so, we do have the right to protect our staff/performers in which your party/event will be canceled at any time, and a cancellation fee will be charged.


Our company policies set in place in order to operate your event and business effectively and efficiently. Entertainers/performers are contracted for the enjoyment and happiness of the guest of honor. Event/party planning can be stressful for some adults however you must be respectful and courteous to our staff/performers at ALL times. Always refer to our FAQ as many of your questions will be answered. Your event length of time begins once entertainer/performer has arrived. Please note, some clients do forget to bring exact payment to event in which a trip to a local bank/ATM is required. During this time, the entertainer/performer will not proceed with event until final payment is received. This will cut into the allocation time of your booked event/party.

Party info:

Date of party*

Preferred Time*

One Hour window of arrival just in case unforeseen issues arise: to

Party Address

Primary contact cell phone

Back up cell phone

What Costume (e.g School-Girl,Maid,Cop,Fire,Hotel Manager,Pizza Delivery,50 Shades Darker,Cowboy etc) or just dress sexy ? :

Priority list of 3-5 dancers you like from the site, for alternates in the case issues arise ?

Non-refundable booking-fee dollar amount*

Total party cost in USD $*

Information for below box - Cancellation Fee Policy: What to type here ? You List Total Party Amount in US Dollars and YES in box. Canceling must be done via phone call to advise us and a formal email to after phone call . Canceling within 24 hours of event you get charged total party cost minus initial deposit listed above. Canceling between 24-48 hours before event is a $50 charge. Canceling 48-72 hours is a $25 charge. These fees are set in place to inhibit poor client behavior and us losing time slots for other clients. You authorize us to charge you a canceling fee based on standard operating procedures listed above.* :

Full name as appears on credit or debit card* :

Credit card number*:

Expiration date*:


Security number on back or front of card* :

Full credit card billing address* :

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(Please make sure that you put attention to the correct name to avoid being charged twice)

Attn* Sean MichaelCher

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Please make sure all information is correct before submitting and agreeing to Terms and Conditions above. Take note that this is a legal document terms of conditions form plus a credit card form.