Hire A Pretty Tutor

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Pretty Tutor Pretty Tutor for College Students Do you have a professor in college that has a tremendous accent you can't understand?  I, the owner of Hot Party Stripper, was in pre-med at the University of Miami for Neuropsychobiology. So, I experienced it in Organic Chemistry, Cellular Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry. Also, [...]

Movie Review Hustlers Starring Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez

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Movie Review Hustlers Starring Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez unveiled the launch date for her upcoming Cardi B-assisted Robin Hood-esque stripper flick Hustlers on Monday. The STX entertainment movie is due in theaters on 13 September. The cast also contains Constance WU, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, and Lili Reinhart. Hustlers movie [...]

Football Game Day Strippers

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Contact Your Coach Now - Click here Score a Touchdown Strippers for Game Time is the ultimate Audible. We promise you will have the best time. What can you have them do? Dress as Cheerleaders Serve Beer or Drinks Delivery Pizza Half [...]

How Many Strippers To Get For A Bachelor Party

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Getting the Right Number of Strippers for Your Bachelor Party The reality of the matter is that booking strippers for a bachelor party is actually a pretty more involved than that. You cannot call up just anyone and guess the night to be pure magic. Shopping for standard bachelor party fun is [...]

Miami Pool Party Ideas

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Call (786) 864-1075 (to speak to party coordinators) Rent a Midget for your Party Guest at the Pool Party Pool Party in Miami Florida At some of the biggest hotels, lavish pool decks are appointed with private VIP cabanas, tropical landscapes and drink & food service all through [...]

How To Plan Tasteful Bachelorette Party Games

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How to Plаn Tаsteful Bаchelorette Pаrty Gаmes Not аll bаchelorettes prefer а "nаughty night out." We hаve plenty of bаchelorette pаrty gаmes thаt аre nice to keep the night filled with lаughter & excitement! With our list of bаchelorette pаrty gаmes, you will be sure to find whаt you're looking for! Whаt's in the [...]

Bachelorettes Swarm To Nashville

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Bаchelorettes Swаrm to Nаshville On Fridаy аfternoons, groups of bаchelors, bаchelorettes or groups seeking а fun-filled weekend, emerge on the BNA аirport terminаl, in аddition to the crossroаds of interstаtes thаt empty into Music City. Within hours, they wаlk out of their hotels аnd аttаck the honky-tonks of Broаdwаy. Nаshville, TN hаs become а [...]

miami girls on beach 7 6 2019

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Pool Party in Miami with Hot Party Stripper Miami girls are getting ready for tonight fellas. They are tanning their beautiful bodies today to be golden for tonight. Check out Scarlet, Sunny and Rosa. Celebrate tonight with some gorgeous ladies. Come on over to our pool party get together in Miami, call for locations [...]

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