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Wow, it was a great time we had in our Austin home. We had a couple’s party celebration. It was two 50th birthday parties. So we had the Austin strippers Maverick and Jennifer come. They came on time. They performed a fantastic duo show. Both dressed as police officers. Jennifer even brought an expandable pole. She did a strip show pole dancing on the pole. Followed up with Maverick in doing lap dancing. Thanks so much Adrianna

All my girls wanted to go out. They wanted a girl’s night out party. So we decided to order Austin male strippers. We wanted a Latino male dancer to come and dance. He came and danced for us at the Heywood hotel. Well, Alejandro and Chisel were fantastic in so many ways. The lap dancing for my girls was very sexy. The Austin male strippers wore firefighter outfits and looked so hot in that uniform. Thank you so much, Sean. From Lisa

It was the birthday party of my sister. I wanted. a male stripper for my twin sister in Austin. I wanted her to enjoy her 21st birthday party more than anything. I hired a guy. I asked him to dress up like a firefighter. As my sister’s boyfriend is a firefighter. The guy showed up his talent. He did a fantastic job. I’m very happy with the service. Thanks, Susan

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