If you’re looking for a good way to spend time with friends or want to try something new and see what happens, why not create your own games?

For instance, if you’re feeling creative, why not DIY a scavenger hunt themed around either the groom-to-be himself (or the entire friend group!) or the party’s location? It doesn’t have to be elaborate to make an impact, and the memories you guys will make while on the hunt might be some of the best from the whole weekend! You could also create a game where each person puts in an equal amount of money and use it to buy silly items (like a used toothbrush or toilet paper). Then, everyone brings the items back to the party and has a “sell-off” where they try to convince the other guests that their item is worth more than anyone else’s!

Truth or Dare Jenga

As an icebreaker bachelor party game for an event with friends from all over who might not know each other well or as a hilarious romp for lifelong best friends, this risque spin on a classic will surely have any bachelor party howling. To make it happen, grab a Jenga set ahead of time and write questions (for “truths”) and tasks (for “dares”) on one long side of each brick.

Beer Pong

Why not resurrect this college classic for the bachelor party—especially since many party attendees likely met as beer-pong partners many years ago? To play (in this case, with a twist), set up two teams of two and several cups equal to the number of players on each team. Each player takes turns trying to sink their balls into the other team’s cups. If they succeed, they drink that cup’s contents before refilling it with beer for another shot. The first team to eliminate all opposing players wins!

Are you ready to get your party on? If you’re looking for ways to make your bachelor party fun and memorable, look no further than our top picks of the best games for a bachelor party.

Groom Bingo

Rather than your average sit-down board game or card game, go for the long con with a bingo game that spans the entire party. To bring this fun bachelor party game to life, plan. Get online and find a printable template to create custom bingo cards filled with “groom-isms”—these can range from the groom’s favorite catchphrases to landmarks and objects related to him that you’ll see. In contrast, at the party, his favorite clothes and accessories he’d never leave home without (like that Red Sox cap!), and beyond. Any word, gesture, or thing that is just so him. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

No DIYing is required for this new-favorite, fill-in-the-blank card game that will guarantee one of the funniest experiences of the entire bachelor party. Just grab the game, tuck it into your weekend bag, and poof, the party officially started. What, exactly, makes this game so bachelor-party-friendly? The game is all about being politically incorrect, and it’s hilarious. It’s a great way for the guys to bond over their shared love of inappropriate humor, and it’ll give you some ideas for future events that you can use in real life (like when your boss asks if you have time to do something else).

But what makes this game so perfect for a bachelor party? The sheer nonsense of it all! The gameplay is simple: One person draws a black card, and everyone gets ten white cards—these remain secret to everyone else. Everyone but the dealer selects a white card from their secret stash that they believe to be the best, funniest response to the topic on the black card. The dealer decides whose response is the most LOLworthy, and that person wins the round and keeps the black card. The person with the most black cards wins by the game’s end. It sounds like nothing special, but the topics and responses will have you seriously cracking up, especially because they’ll bring out the weirdest, wackiest sides of even the shyest groomsmen.

Flip Cup

It is a beer pong-like game where players race to chug their drink and flip their cup so it lands right-side up. The game is all about skill, strategy, and a little bit of luck—and if you want to get competitive, there’s nothing better than flipping those cups upside down while they’re still spinning!

This game is perfect for any bachelor party because it gets everyone involved (even if they don’t drink), and it’s easy enough that even the shyest groomsmen will have no problem having fun. Plus, it involves drinking! What more could you ask for?

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