Brand new to Chicago, AceBounce is based on the famous London fun spot bounce. It is a bar, a restaurant, and 16 ping-pong tables where your friends can let you win all night. There are also private and semi-private event areas and a lemon-blueberry cake with white chocolate frosting. Time is here and it’s time to hire Chicago Strippers near me type of Birthday party idea that will be the focal point of your celebration.

Get gorgeous

The amazing lash studio provides lightweight lash extensions that make you look like a million bucks. And the best news for you: it hosts parties for up to fifteen guests. Combine your pals for a night of fluttering lashes. Then bat your eyes via the next sweet year of life.

Pose for a pinup

At Vavoom Pinups, you can get dressed up in a vintage dress with your top friends, then pose for a thrill idea shoot. You will also get your makeup and hair done and a free digital picture to share like crazy. Every person needs to view how best you look in pin curls.

Get your heart rate up

Or begin your year off on a healthier kick. The even-famous soul cycle will go all out for your birthday celebration. Just call ahead to book a block of bikes for you and your pals. Let the studio manager know it is your unique day, and the class will end with a group chorus of the birthday song. You will also get to blow out a candle.

Snack on global chocolates

You love chocolate and your birthday party merits a lot of it. At Old Towns Cocoa + Co, owner and chocolate curator Kim hack lead private tasting for up to 9 guests. The tasting covers topics like chocolate history, but there is a vital part. You and your guests will sample tons of global threats. Yep, drinking chocolate is added.

Show off your vocal chops

You know the words to Selena Gomez’s full oeuvre. And this is the night to celebrate that. At Clark Street Karaoke, you can reserve rooms for your group and order up bottle service to wet your whistle. There is also a remarkable seafood restaurant, low country, right upstairs.

Become a pizza chef for the night

Just off the Mag Mile, pizza place Bar Toma hosts pie-tossing classes in which you and your pals will combine in a private dining room for a lesson. Under professional guidance, you will learn how to toss a pizza dough- while snacking on pizza, definitely.

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