Montreal has a remarkable history as a cosmopolitan heart of international trade and culture, with a top majestic history, and is the second major French-speaking city in the planet, after Paris. Montreal landmarks, nights, museums, shopping districts, parks and galleries offer ample chances for exploration and fun. Here is our list of the girls 30th party ideas in Montreal Canada.

Olympic stadium

Built for the Summer Olympics 1976, the multi-objective stadium is one of the most identifiable structures in the city. It was the house of Montreal former baseball team, the Expos, until they relocated to the American to become the Washington Nationals. Nowadays, it serves as a facility for hosting unique events like trade shows, concerts, and conventions. The stadium is part of the Olympic Park complex, which is a bigger recreational place that contains other famous sites such as the Botanical Garden, and Biodome. Bring out some gorgeous Montreal Canada strippers to dance for all of your surprise birthday celebration.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal is the most famous visitor spot in the city, and with best reason. This is the oldest place of Montreal, being the actual site of the city’s French colonial origins. This cobblestoned area is lined with restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and a few kitsch souvenir shops, all located in fresh-looking buildings that date back to the seventeen century.

Montreal’s Botanical Garden

Encompassing 190 acres of greenhouses and gardens, Montreal’s Botanical Garden was founded in 1931 and provides a big range of themed green areas including the Alpine Garden, First Nations Garden, and the Japanese Garden. There are ten greenhouses in total, and more than 23,000 species of flora can be explored around the calm grounds. Try the ultimate party with some hot strippers coming out to your special night.

Jean Talon Market

Placed in Montreal’s little Italy, Jean Talon market is considered to be one oldest public markets in the city. It is also one of the biggest in North America, with more than three hundred vendors during the top season. Open year-round, you can browse selections of maple products, vegetables, fresh fruits, meat, oils, flowers, cheese, and a big range of artisanal bakery goods. Most of these items are regional or local Quebec specialties.

Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park one of the city’s biggest green areas, making it a famous outdoor recreation place. This 200-hectare park contains part of the mountain that resides in the middle of the city approximately 230 metres tall, it is truly more of a hill than a mountain, but it marks the highest point on the Montreal island.

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