A fraternity party can be the best idea to relieve some stress in college days. The entertainment and fun with friends can be the moment of happiness at a fraternity party. You can do lots of fun at a party and share many things with friends. Philadelphia can be a perfect place to organize a fraternity party, and here are some ideas you can put for yourself. Get some Philadelphia Strippers to dance for the fraternity party.

Hawaiian Theme

The relaxed and soothing party theme can be a Hawaiian theme. The costumes such as the leis, hula skirts, and coconut bras will be perfect for the Hawaiian theme dancers. They will be the major tropical vibes that suites the best you at a fraternity party. You can also break out a simple sundress, skirt, or oversized t-shirt with some leis at a party. This party theme has a tagline: beachy, colorful, and fun.

‘80s Theme

The 80s was an iconic period of party, technology, fashion, and developments. Everyone loves the 80s era, and fraternity can be the perfect moment to rewind the favorite era. The 80s shiny attires from the tights, to the shorts, the leg warmers, the leotard, and the scrunchie are some of the iconic experiences. You can feel the old era in the present day time. Big fluffy curls and some pastel eyeshadow are some unforgettable 80s effects.

Fire and Ice

Fire and ice are two contrastive elements, and we can experiment with this theme at a fraternity party. For the Fire, a red dress like a fire engine red tank top, or bright red shoes can be a perfect match. If you want some changes or experiments, yellow and orange accessories or garments will be awesome ideas. For Ice, you can select blue and white color dresses such as a blue puffer jacket or a cool white cutout crop top. You can also put on a diamond belt for an icy theme.

Foam Party

Want some childhood experiences? A foam party will remind you of your childhood party games. To prepare for the foam party, wear costumes that you would not mind getting wet and soaked. Attires such as oversized t-shirts, nude-colored undergarments, and old sneakers can fit the best for this party theme.

Blackout and Whiteout

It is a simple and easy theme you can keep for a fraternity party. The traditional black and white colors will be a perfect match in unity and mass. The particular color in the group will be an identity for you and your friends at the party. White color glows all around in dark lighting, and black gives some adventurous vibes.

ABC Party or Anything But Clothes

One of the creative party themes can be the ABC party or Anything But Clothes as you are free to wear anything. From soda cans to garbage bags, you can wear everything as long as it is not normal clothes. Whatever the party is, you can choose your own style of clothes at the party. Apply this theme for a unique style.

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