We’re celebrating the women in our lives by appreciating their many exceptional qualities, and we want you to do the same.

Incredible Women

The women in our lives are more than just friends, family members, and colleagues—they’re a force of nature. They’re talented, sharp, bright, loving, and intelligent. They’re also hardworking and determined. And because of all these things, we know they deserve extra love today! I, Sean Kaptaine Kapetanakos, and deeply grateful to all of you.

Hot Party Stripper Women’s Day Team

That’s why we’re so proud of our team at Hot Party Stripper—over half of our company and 80% of our executive leadership comprises women leading us into the future with their passion and skill. We love learning from them every day as we work together on this mission—and now that it’s International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate them even more!

If you’ve already got plans for this special day or if you don’t feel like celebrating it at all (we get it!), here’s something else you can do: send one of our female or male dancers over to your favorite woman in your life today! It doesn’t have to be anything raunchy or erotic—send them something cute and fun instead. This will make both of your days infinitely better.

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