Are you looking for the perfect golf outing? Hot Party invites you to plan the Perfect Golf Outing! Whether it’s in an exotic location with Tee times set in advance for the whole weekend or a quick 18 holes at your local course. The game of Golf is a sacred opportunity to be out in nature playing an 800-year-old sport. Golf all started with a King and a stick, but now you can bring Hot Party Caddies along for your next round!

Depending on your golfing partners, this can be beneficial, productive, or effectively banal. Hot Party invites you to Spice Up Your Tee Time with a few sexy Hot Party Caddies to cart around the course in absolute style. Our sexy Caddies will be sure to heat up the greens.

Hottie Caddies

We have a wide range of gorgeous caddies who are ready to meet all of your needs: from those who’ll help carry your clubs around the course, clean them off between shots, wash them off at the end of playtime, and hand them back over again when it’s time for another round; from those who can drive carts around the course for thirsty players; from those who can serve as a perfect round of “golf” to get you out of the house and into some fresh air; from those who can keep an eye on your clubs while you’re off playing 18 holes with your friends; from those who can help wash down golf carts between rounds (and if you want them to do more than just that, we’ll let them know). Hot professional female caddies are here for all your Golfing needs.

Vacation With Our Hottie Caddies

Our exotic girls will make you feel like you’re on vacation while playing some of the best golf courses in the country! You can even have them model the latest fashions from our sponsors while they play!

We’ve got girls for every taste. We’ve got them all from blondes and brunettes to redheads and ebony beauties. Our exotic girls are ready to show off their skills as they walk down the fairway with you or sit next to your friends at the 19th hole. They’ll even help you practice putting if you need it!

We offer our guests an experience that is second to none. Our girls are sexy and attractive. They are ready to mingle with your guests and ensure they have the time of their lives at your event. We aim to ensure each guest has a fantastic time and leaves with a smile. We have a variety of packages available depending on your needs and budget.

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