Birthday parties are supposed to be private and wild. We at Hot Party Stripper, know best how to turn your event up. We make fraternity events look like a boring library day.

We want your friend’s birthday, to be insanely wild. We bring toys that you won’t see in a strip club. So your buddy has started to feel that they’re in high school again. This is the point of our parties. Perhaps everyone is feeling wild and crazy. That’s right we are here, to referee the event.

And now there are police officers at the door, asking if anyone knows anything about what transpired here last night. But those police officers, are our strip dancers. They are about to arrest everyone in good fun. That’s exactly what we do, strip dancing will start the real fun.

So, call [Hot Party Stripper]! We’ll bring our girls in costume to manage as referees for their epic party games. To dance for everyone at that party (no matter whom is out of gear it gets). We’ll keep everything confidential wraps so you don’t need to worry¬†about being busted on your own birthday!

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