We can help with a Stockton University Fraternity party! Stockton University is a public university established in 1969 in Galloway Township, New Jersey, and it started its class in 1971. There are 14 fraternities, 13 sororities, and a service fraternity in the university. Stockton University provides value for fraternity and sorority life under considerable guidelines. If you are newly admitted to Stockton University, you must be at the legal drinking age or 21 years old to party at the university. Here are some frat party ideas at Stockton University.

Frat Party Ideas and Legal Age to party at Stockton University

The limitation of drink consumption

If you are from BYOB, you must be at the legal drinking age to possess alcohol. The university has the clear in mind to keep everything balanced, so it has limited to drink. A person can only drink up to one six-pack of beer or one four-pack of wine coolers. More than this, it will be unhealthy ethics at Stockton University. Besides, the university’s guidelines show that you cannot consume or bring hard alcohol, liquor, and spirits.

The Sober and the Attendees

It is mentioned that there must include some monitors who can supervise the party-goers at the event to keep a healthy environment. The reason is when one will hire NYC strippers to come out to this Jersey University, which is very close to NYC, everyone must be at least eighteen years of age. For drinking, everyone needs to be twenty-one years of age. So, if the fraternity party has exotic dancers and drinks, everyone needs to be twenty-one years old. There must be a minimum of one sober among the 20 attendees to check personal identification of guests and members, ensuring all persons entering the party are members or guests. The straight also verifies that no person who appears, or is known, to have consumed alcohol enters the event.

Frat Party Duration At Stockton 

The university’s guidelines informed that the party or the event should be under the school, local, and state ordinances. The party should be in civilized and healthy form, not to include the hooligans and wild parties. You can exceed the party duration by up to four hours. It will be enough time to familiarize yourself with friends and do some funs. 

Verification of Third-Party Vendor

According to the rules, the Third-Party Vendor must bear some identity and responsibility to participate in the frat events at Stockton University. The bartender should have a license and the insurance policy certificate to sell drinks and beverages. Also, the third-party vendor must some identifications to enter the event. The vendors are not allowed to sell alcohol after the event. The vendors can also not sell drinks more than the limitation and not to the under legal drinking age persons. 

Drinking Games

The drinking games include things like “beer pong,” “power hour,” “quarters,” “flip cup,” card games. And the players during the games consume alcohol. The rules tell that nobody can force new members or novices to tolerate, encourage, or participate in such drinking games. The frat party is for some enjoyment and not to intoxicate to drinks and alcohol. 

Bearing in mind these guidelines and ideas, you can host a frat party at Stockton University. If you need more information about fraternity and sorority events at Stockton University, you can visit the university websites. So, what are you waiting for! Go, and share some healthy friendships among your fellow students.

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