Smocking hot, wonderful makeup, fake nails, stylish colorful wig, and tightly toned body – that’s exactly how a stripper dancer’s body looks like. And not to mention their big-sized sexy boobs and buts, matched with alluring faces that crawl towards you. Everything an ideal female body seems like constitutes a stripper Exotic dancer’s body. And most ladies, if not all, want this sort of body. So, how a stripper invest to get a perfect tone of the body?

That is must be the most asked question each girl wants to know. With completely determined and consistent routines, having toned and a tight body and look from head to toe can be easily achieved.

Talk about your sincerest wishes of having a tones stripper dancer’s body. You’re so determined but do not know where to start and how to invest. So what is really is the key to this?

The simple, right way to invest and hard work, now if you’re really serious about achieving that sexy look and body, read on let’s dig deeper into some tips on stripper body investments on how to get a right toned sexy stripper body. This must be the best time to release your inner goddess and unlock the body that you have forever wanted.

Makeup, Nails, Hair, and Boobs

This Sunday was a shower night for me at dance club; I made a point to ask some of my stripper dancer friends, what was the right investment of their favorite stripper beauty. Here’s the list of our favorite investments ways to make your look gorgeous.

• Exfoliate and boobs

This is by far the most vital stripper dancer investment there is. Scrub that ass my dancer friend said! Butt pimples and Boobs are a real stripper thing probably because you are rolling around on a dirty stage. With a great amount of exfoliating, it can always be prevented if you do get a pimple anywhere rapid clear gel will clear it up fast.

• Makeup

Because of the excessive amount of makeup stripper dancers normally wear I’ve always recommended using extremely nice colorful makeup and because it impacts instantly on the stage and after the strip dancer job needs to remove your makeup, a sensitive face wash paired with remover for makeup is a good investment for a softer approach for your face.

• Glitter it up

Everyone does a glitter whether it is eye glitter, lip glitter, or body glitter you can absolutely never have enough glitter.

• Fake nails and Fake Lashes

Fake nails and fake eyelashes are great options for any stripper dancer. Lashes and nails can take months to grow back you never want to damage your real nails or lashes. Always rightly remove your fake nails and lashes. Soak a cotton ball in baby oil for ultra-simple and pain-free removal for eyelashes.

• Hygiene lovelies

A good perfume is a great investment for any dancer. Shower shortly before your show. Always use your favorite perfume and wipe it down with wipes after you get off the stage.

• Waxing or shaving

If you use to invest in fake tan waxing is recommended. It’ll prevent you from reapplying as much and assist your tan last longer. If you’re prone to razor bumps I’d recommend waxing at least sexy bikini lines. But there’re some simple tips to help prevent razor bumps you can use sensitive shaving cream and don’t against the grain in your bikini area. Don’t cut corners with cheap razors invest in a Venus to make sure smooth shave.

• Highlighter

The holy grail of stripper dancer makeup, if your face is not lighting up on stage there is a huge problem for you. Always invest in a quality highlighter that makes your look more highlighted on stage.

Stripper Maintenance

Makeup done, Hair done, Boobs and butt done and body primed. Body-wise, exfoliate, always be freshly shaved or waxed, body lotion after your shower makes sure skin is softer. That is it for the make looks the part now comes to the next part.

Fitness workouts

We all know every stripper dancer has a killer body. You can see the proof in stars who’re former stripper dancers. What several people do not realize is that stripper dancers work tirelessly for their rock-hard bodies. In fact, several dancers take on the acrobatic aspect of the craft and do extreme training to say fit in shape to perform. Stripper shows with BLING itself as a workout is becoming a fitness craze that growing in fame across the stripper.

Just like high thigh socks, arm strength is very important when you’ve to lift your full body on horizontal pole dancing. For this reason, several dancers have amazing upper body strength. Most dancers actually gain their upper body strength from training on the pole.

Flexibility and tanning bed is Key for Stripper

It’s recommended that you stretch for fifteen minutes a day, holding every stretch that you do for around 40-60 seconds each. Flexible Strippers normally stretch as much as thirty minutes before any performance. After some flexibility training, tanning the bed can help you recover faster and accomplish more while you are doing it. You feel comfortable and fresh.

Stay away from Salt and Sugar

Excess intake of salt and sugar is going to cause you to hold on to add water weight and water retention is something stripper dancers stay away from since it can add extra fats and need to keep our waistlines trim to wear a nice bikini with BLING. Always try to keep away from inflammation-causing salt and sugar. Investing in natural sugar substitutes such as STEVIA is a great way to prevent blasting as well as water retention.


When it comes to stripper dancers’ diets, you will want to eat six small meals a day. This is so you and rev up your metabolism and reduce calories faster. And you will need these meals to consist of healthy fats and proteins such as oatmeal and eggs. Strippers stay from CARB heavy meals near the days they perform, because they can cause bloat and water retention. So if you’re trying to trim down for a special event cut the CARBS and start consuming more protein.

Maintain Energy and Concentration

For a Stripper dancer maintaining body energy and concentration is a big challenge. However, you can use tons of energy boosters like energy drinks, coffee to maintain energy levels but it’s highly risky. It’s loaded with tons of sugars and unessential substances.

To concentrate on your stage performance without losing your energy I recommend you to invest in Liquid Help energy, this is the best and most authentic energy booster to maintain your energy level and you can perform longer than normal without losing energy. Plant extracted 300mg caffeine, B vitamins, Zero calories, zero sugar, and all-nature flavors makes Help Energy Drink the ideal choice for stripper dancer who wants to maintain perfect body shape without losing energy.

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