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We have the HOTTEST Boston strippers for bachelor party packages. Our experts on the phones send you gorgeous female strippers for your event. For your occasions of any kind. We bring the strip club to you and blow your mind. Yes! that’s what we do. Let us bring an energy that is uplifting your event. Energy is felt and seen. This energy is not only the most important part of your birthday or bachelor party. It is something we specialize in when hiring our exotic dancers. The personality of the performer is very important. The effect has on you and all your guests distinguish us versus strip clubs. I, the owner worked in clubs for years, their focus is alcohol sales, whereas our focus is pure fun. I have been in business for many years and I traveled all over the world performing as a male dancer. I’ve been around male and female strip dancers for years and understand our weaknesses and strengths. I guarantee all clients an amazing time and staff on the phone that will cater to your every need. For you guys that are drunk and reading this, every need is within legal limits, don’t be dumb, represent Boston in being wicked smart. Now, counteract that with your local club. What the heck do you at a strip club, watch girls on high stages surrounding you? Yes, you do. Order drinks that seem watered down? Yes, you sure do, wouldn’t you rather pour your own little mix, nice and strong. Why not have our dancers, pour that drink you made, directly off their body dripping slowly into your mouth. Ahhhhhh, you feel me now? You, sure as heck do. I will take care of you guys. This is VIP strip services a la carte. So, don’t be dumb, be wicked smart, and get you some!


Boston Female Strippers Bachelor Party Packages

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Boston Exotic Dancers

Instead of a Strip Club

Be rest assured that we have the hottest and finest of strippers. Boston has a team of experts trained to be very good in every area of the show. They can perform any kind in a very tasty way. We provide the finest and well fit for hire and If there are any specific kinds of shows that you want, you can ask. And we will make it happen. From nightclubs, a casino to topless strip clubs Boston provides all.

Time to party, let us plan it for you!

Why do you have to go to a strip club for only a short lap dance? We bring the club to you, at you get to choose exactly how you want your party. We provide you with hot sexiest strippers.

Or are you bored about sitting in a club around people you do not know? Worry no more, we will bring the party to you and spice it up.

Only Fans

We provide a much better up close and personal service live. A live Patriot game is much more exciting than a game at home on a tv. However, we cater to lazy people like myself sometimes. We have a zoom type of show that is very similar to Onlyfans. We turn it up a notch though, with light shows, LED pole dancing, and no need to continuously tip to keep the show tunning. Contact staff on the phones to set your show up.

Boston, are you ready now to turn up that energy level? Let’s make it happen together.

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