Brandon Male Model In Tampa FL

male model in tampa named brandon

Height : 6’2″
Weight : 219
Hair : Dark-Brown
Eyes : Brown
Bio: : Brandon is Tampa’s premier male dancer, known for his breathtakingly sensual and electrifying performances. His shows are a mix of erotic entertainment, dance and acrobatics, leaving his audience mesmerized throughout. He will make your Tampa occasion extra special with a performance that is sure to take your breath away. Whether it’s a private event or a night out with friends.

This promotional model and dancer in Tampa, Florida named Brandon, is available for all types of bridal shows and bachelorette parties

Serving the local area of Tampa, St Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida, Brandon can come out to you and dance for The Bachelorette dressed in costume. Costumes for his nose like a police officer, construction worker, or Cowboy, this fitness model can do it all.

There are so many things to do for a bachelorette party in Tampa, Florida, like jet skiing, shopping, fishing, and renting a boat for your bachelorette party end st. Petersburg.

There are all types of music festivals, and even locally close by in Fort Myers, they have something called The Ranch, which has huge concerts.

Then we also can supply liquor for your bachelorette party with our delivery drivers from our Beverage Company. Yes, that’s right, we also have energy drinks that we can deliver to you with your most liked beverage cocktail to go with it.

We have all types of recipes for party drinks for bachelorettes. We have a page that dedicates to this. But our girls on the phone are very familiar with bartending. They can serve you correctly over the phone by giving you some ideas of what bottles to order from us, and we’ll have them delivered at no extra cost. So there’s no need to go out to the stores and buy things at full retail when we can deliver them to you for less than the cost of the stores.

Our male dancers can dress up as delivery drivers or whatever you choose to make those deliveries.

You can party with me at the pool if you like. You could also have some female exotic dancers in Tampa accompany the male dancer to do a combination strip show.

There are strip clubs in Tampa Florida but they don’t hold weight compared to private parties with male dancers or female strippers in Tampa. Our male dancers and female strippers are extremely hot, and they give you private VIP treatment. When you’re at a strip club you have to share time with all of the other customers. Strip clubs also have many rules that must be looked over why you’re there at the club. This is why private parties or just that much better.

If deciding to move the location of the bachelorette party to a nearby location:

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Prices subject to change depending on location of party.

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