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Brazil Bachelorette Party Ideas

Celebrate a Bachelorette Party in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Since the 1700s, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has been the home of the largest party in the globe. With more than 2 million people on the streets of the city each day of the celebration, it is sight to behold. If you are planning a tour to Carnival, there are some things you must do while in attendance to better your experience.

Bachelorette party ideas in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Find the street parties

Each year in the days leading up the large carnival weekend celebration, constant street parties are held. In common street parties are held in front on local bars. Some of the largest one take place right outside the Sambadrome. You do not need to be invited to participate these events because there are by nature an open event to anyone walking up the street in the place. It is wild, but it is also generally, and best times are certainly had by all. Lots of drinking, music, dancing and a constant state of euphoria can lead to surprising encounters with others having the time of their lives.

Go to the Sambodromo

Go to the Sambodromo for the competition of samba schools. This event is the peak of the Rio carnival celebration, where different samba dance schools in the area complete in the arena called as the Sambodromo. With this competition airs on TV throughout the country and you can simply view it from your hotel room, you should not miss the chance to view it up close. Tens of thousands of viewers and nearly 5,000 contestants crowd in this region in the best samba throw down. Try to get tickets ahead of time for the top seats possible. It is easy to either get them online, or if you already in city, to get them directly from the LIESA. Bear in mind this event is a big deal in Rio and tickets will not be affordable.

Costume and parade

Get dressed up and have someplace to go. Unlike some carnivals at event around the world, visitors to Carnival in Rio are greeted to participate in the parades with the samba schools. All you have to do is to pick your favorite school to support and march with them. You do need to dress rightly though. And in this city at this particular time, dressing the part is something you will need to plan for. It may also cost a best amount of money. Organizers, such as Rio Carnival Services, can make costume for a price.

bachelorette party
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