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Nothing better than hiring a little person to bring smiles to everyone at you get together. Offering so many event ideas is what we do for you. Call us today as our little dwarfs entertain all Connecticut as well as a reasonable distance in the surrounding areas as far as Philly and NYC. Have little people come out dressed in unique costumes this weekend for your birthday celebration. Enjoy a fun prank on your best friend’s bachelorette, bachelor or birthday party. So many costumes to pick from to make your event unique. Contact the event planners for your special little person entertainment.

Midgets Elvis and Marilyn

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Male Midget Elvis

male midget rent elvis

Connecticut Midget Strippers

Celebrate with Midget Entertainment in Connecticut

Little person for your future party in Connecticut

Your night will be memorable with our little person as guide to the top parties in Connecticut, or just to animate and add some excitement to your private event. Guess a funny, kind and best superhero dwarf to show you the top nightlife places in Connecticut.

It can be a remarkable for your bachelor party, to bring a huge birthday cake to your birthday, to party in style with you in the top club of Connecticut. They can support you do a lot of things, and you know what? Our pretty person are so charming that you will get all the ladies focus! Every person smile as they go, they even get stopped for images. Our dwarves are so famous everywhere they go that you will get noticed every place you go.

Our dwarves like to party, drink, enjoy life and are truly funny. They like to wear costumes and can be your mascot for your amazing night. It is one of those thing you have to do once in your life.

Respect and dwarf fun in Connecticut

We are fully committed to your pleasure – it is very vital to us that your party experience in Connecticut exceeds all of your wildest expectations. Anyway, we do not compromise respect in favor of entertainment – all of our pretty person for hire are paid working experts. We worth them and all of the work they do and we expect the same from all of our customers in Connecticut. We have a hard policy against physical harm being directed towards our dwarf fun experts. This means no throwing, and no fights, just excitement! Please ask for consent before physically engaging with all of our workers.

Our commitment to our customers is just possible because our pretty person – they are fun experts that have picked to be a part of this industry, and to party with you in Connecticut! We provide them training and expert links that permit them to consistently develop their talents and expertise beyond dwarf fun alone and into bigger fun service industry. Without their level of talent, experience, and their top standard of professionalism, along we do would be possible. It is for this factor that we kindly ask that all of our customers respect our workers in the same way that we do – bear in mind that you are hiring for dwarf fun services and we will not tolerate any type of disrespect or abuse directed towards them.