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I can still feel the rock-hard abs and the steamy hot body whenever I close my eyes. These Dallas strippers have spoiled me for other men. I organized a bachelorette party in Dallas for my best friend, Beth. We are hardcore Texas gals, and in Texas, we like everything big, if you know what I mean. And, I am pleased to say that our expectations were not only met but surpassed. We had the time of our lives last night. Thanks so much for sending JD to our party. Thanks, Susan

We were about 30 girls in a hotel suite waiting for some spicy entertainment. We had hired two dancers named Seduction and JD, one black and one white, so everyone was happy. I only wish they dancers could have called me earlier in the day and not 4 hrs before, but Im kinda pulling teeth being picky. Thanks, Kelly

We had our bachelorette party in Dallas, Texas, last weekend. Chad came dressed as a firefighter and did an amazing job. We had 12 girls at the party over at the ZaZa hotel. The hotel gave us a great deal because we were celebrating a particular event bachelorette party. Chad did a very good job dancing for all the girls. He was very personable and took pictures with us. He picked up the bachelorette and spun her around like a toy. LOL. Thanks, Wendy

Dominic and Miguel were very professional. They were able to handle thirty wild women with utmost grace. Their performance ended with a huge bang, and they were nice enough to get some photos taken with us at the end. They were very convenient, and there were no issues with payment. Let me say that I am a fan. I have another bachelorette party in about a month, and I will get these strippers to perform there. I recommend Hot Party Stripper to anyone who is looking for adult entertainment. The only problem I had was that we ordered only two strippers, and next time I don’t plan to stop at two. Thanks, Dara

Thanks for the amazing Boot Scoot and Boogie Cowboy show. Rico put on my girl’s bachelorette party. He has one of the most notable personalities. My girlfriend is 5ft 11 inches, so Im glad Dorian was the entertainer that came to the party to put on for our event. He broke down some good two-stepping dances to the songs my girlfriends love the most. Dorian was fantastic. Thanks, Stephanie from Fort Worth

My girlfriends ordered a male stripper for my 30th birthday party. He dressed up as a military soldier, given that my husband is in the military. The guy you sent was so nice, and his outfit was perfect. All my girlfriends went crazy over him and his ripped abs and big legs. His name was Dominic, and I wanted to tell you he did a great performance. We will be sure to order again with your company. Thanks, Maria DeDoto

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