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El Paso positions on the Rio Grand in the utmost western side of Texas, and near the border from Chihuahua, Mexico, so you can see how many Mexican controls exist in the city, and everything and anything from tasty spicy food to a generous supporting of cultural attractions. There is plenty to view in this remarkable city which is surrounded by wonderful desert and diverse flora and fauna. Professional sports teams, desert golf courses, El Paso strippers clubs, fun family festivals, and more can be found in this dynamic border town. Needless to say, there are lots of best things to do in El Paso.

Bike, hike, climb and explore

El Paso rugged mountain provides a lot more than a wonderful backdrop to the busy border town. They are veritable playground best suited for mountain biking, hiking, camping and even rock climbing. Actually, 2 of the most special state parks in Texas are just a stone’s throw from EL Paso downtown. Drive fifteen minutes to each Franklin Mountains state park, house to 125 miles from multi-use trails that wind throughout thirty seven square miles of rocky desert wilderness.State park Hueco Tanks is perhaps famous these days as a best place for rock climbers. Bring your
mountaineering shoes, chalk and crash pads, and go on a guided climbing trip. If that is not your cup of tea, there is an abundance of biking and hiking trails from where you can try to spot some of the two hundred types of birds known to live in the park.

Explore local culture

El Paso Mission trail has lots of culture for you to take in, it is by no means all the Sun City has no tap.Begin in El Paso downtown with a stay at the El Paso hotel. Created in 1912, the grand hotel specs a eighty year old azure Tiffany glass dome balance on above the stylish dome bar. During the day, check out stunning sculptures and vibrant paintings in one of the lots of art galleries in El Paso.

El Paso’s Flavors

Let the tastes of habanero, jalapeno, serrano and chipotle thrill your tongue when you get a good deal on EL paso: Mexican Food. Steaming tamales and tortillas, handcrafted enchiladas, dipped in savory homemade sauces, and more can be found all through the Sun City. Mexican food possibly El Paso’s forte, but it is not your only choice. Greek, Asian, American, and barbecue eateries are just some of your options for dinning in El Paso.

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