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Bachelor Party

We are experts in Bachelor parties. You are welcome to check out the bachelor party packages page. We have all types of different packages that have explicit features. The ultimate package is the greatest experience, just like the specified term says. Our Erie strippers will take care of you in every sexy aspect of an inch of your body. Celebrating the end of single life copy for you. Make sure to experience a night that all of your friends will love. This event is, of course, centered on the groom. Your memories are also vital to us.

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a novelty event; most of the time, we are open. Make sure to try to call in advance. We have a great staff with various costumes to roleplay for a milestone birthday party. Party games for the special man of the evening are our Focus. What better way to celebrate a milestone’s birthday party. Then to have a surprise female or male stripper arrive in costume?


Q: Do you come to a house with a lonely solo guy late at night?

A: Yes, only if you order two or more strippers. You will have to provide ID to staff on phones for security reasons. There are no negotiations on this.

Q: How much do the strippers cost?

A: Chat with staff so get live time ticket prices. Generally, one stripper costs roughly $250-300 per hour. Two strippers cost $500-700 per hour, and three strippers cost $800-1000 per hour. There is a required deposit of $100-150 for one stripper. $200-250 for two strippers, and $300-400 for three strippers. Pay cash to each dancer upon arrival (generally $150 plus per stripper due upon arrival). You can learn more about our rates at our prices page. As rates change, the best option is to talk with us on the phone.

Q: Am I allowed to touch the dancers?

A: Erie law does not permit the dancers to be touched. So, the dancers use their discretion.

Q: What if the stripper is late?

A: Do not call us in a panic attack, spreading your anxiety. Be advised that there is a little wiggle on time. So chillax, our staff has a little play on the clock to arrive. Don’t get nasty with staff on the phone. Nobody deals with tragic emotions here.

Q: How long do the dancers stay?

A: This depends on what package you order. It is that simple. If you want the dancer to stay longer. Just discuss it with our staff on the phone because we have back-to-back events lined up on schedule.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Pay your deposit for us to take you seriously. Pay the difference to dancers. Sometimes, we don’t need deposits. Situations vary. Most of the time, we need a small deposit. We are a large company that’s in 100s of locations. We have been online for over 18 years. Check the way back machine on the internet for proof. We have videos and pictures on TV with celebrities and more. We are not going anywhere. Put a little skin in the game if you want us to spend the time on you.

Q: How do I contact the dancer to speak to them about ideas at the party?

A: Please call us at 347-781-5180 and let us know what the unique request is. We do not give out our dancer’s private info for protection reasons. However, our dancer will reach you when she is on the way with an eta.

Q: Can I select which stripper I want for the event?

A: You can suggest or pick off the site which type of stripper you would like. We have to look at our schedule to see which one is open. All of our strippers in Erie have active lives. We have to see which one is available for the time that you request.

Q: How do I become a stripper?

A: We are continually looking for new talent with great mindsets. Please apply via our employment page or call us at (412) 588-6520. We are an equal-opportunity employer. Unlike other strip clubs in the news. We provide our private dancers with the most enjoyable and securest work environment, unlike you see in the news.

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