Questions & Answers (Please be considerate by reading Q & A & not calling multiple times)

Prices vary depending on the performer and location (remember we are bringing the strip club to you). I Mike have won the USA strip off twice so I know this business very well , in my opinion to think someone will take their clothes off cheap and still look like their pictures or hot for that matter is foolish. Go cheap pay double in the long run or get disgusted. Many clients call us back over the years last minute to try to get a replacement for the horrible looking stripper they hired with some new bozo company off sponsored links , it is far too difficult to get a stripper last minute to your event – again its foolish to think that a hot stripper is waiting around with no parties and no club to work at and ready to just go to a canceled event. Reserve Online if you cant speak on the phone.

I Sean Michael’s have instructed all sales girls and dancers to not deal with volatile or inpatient clients. Typical reasons I will cancel your event in a NY minute. 1. You cant control your emotions (typically alcohol induced). 2. You waste too much valuable time being paranoid calling multiple times throughout the day (we have multiple events happening and must attend other clients – your not the only client in the country – its not fair to other clients calling in). 3. Your volatile , rude , threatening and not understanding our protocol.
1. Clients that want us to wait on phone while you figure out the menu.
2. Emotionally disheveled clients: e.g. speak to us with disrespect , demanding , calling multiple times , paranoid – anxiety prone and volatile clients – will be canceled very fast as instructed by owner. We will not tolerate this behavior and the frustration it causes employees. Nobody in life deserves this kind of behavior. Smiling is free.
We usually get a 1 hr window of arrival because of unforeseen circumstances, so if the dancer arrives within the window , that means he/she is not late.
We reserve on a first come first serve basis so that question cant be answered.

You fill out a form, no deposit, but their is a cancel fee, pay the the total in CASH upon arrival. 

Roughly 30-90 minutes before the party when the entertainer is on their way. Make sure you answer your phone or the entertainer will not drive to your party. PLEASE do not go into PANIC mode and call our office phones over and over minutes prior to the party ( we will cancel you – if you act like a child ).
Many of us have busy schedules. Rather than playing phone tag over and over, we recommend Reserving Online. This process will actually expedite your event booking. Plus, by booking online we can email or call you back to confirm and go over prices.
This is up to the customer, just spread out the dollars. If one can tip a waiter/waitress to bring food to your table than one should be able to tip a performer which requires much more skill and looks.
When the dancer calls you in route you can then give the entertainer the room number.
Yes, the dancer brings their portable music system. There is no need for the customer to provide music. If your party has a DJ (which we can provide a DJ too), than the DJ will operate the dancers music.
Yes, if weather permits.
We would need to speak on the phone. The male revue has many significant facets to resolve. Promoters need to call in and discuss the complexities of a male revue in country or outside country.
Yes, but you need to get approval from the Bar or Club first.
Most straight guys will but a few wont. We would have to discuss details.
Select guys will . We would have to discuss which guys.
Yes (hopefully she doesn’t have any heart trouble – but we do have a few paramedics that dance)

CANCELLATION POLICY | Private Party Strippers

If you cancel more then 2 weeks prior to your event , you are eligible for a full refund. If you order a male dancer or female dancer and you cancel within 2 weeks of the party, you are not eligible for a refund of your deposit under any or all circumstances. Your deposit , will remain as a credit on your account for 1 year from the date of your transaction, you can therefore call us anytime to reschedule a Private Party or apply it towards show tickets.

On the day of the party , if you cancel or your not at the event e.g. pass out drunk and dont answer the door or any other reason that dis-respects the time and efforts to come out to your event you will be charged a FULL set amount of the following – authorizing us to charge your credit card on top of the deposit already made:

Each male dancer $150

Each female dancer $200

Plus , you need to be flexible on the time of arrival , as we typically ask for a 1 hr window of arrival. If you accept the service from the entertainers , your legally responsible financially for that party payment.

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