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Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing. lets have a great time together with us. Happy New year. Fire your party up with some hot country style Georgia strippers exotic entertainment. Bring the strip club to you, with less drink prices and more time spent overall with your male or female dancers. Male strip clubs have many dancers but 100’s of customers will be there taking away from your bachelorette party. Men or women wanting to see female exotic dancers in the club, well its the same, you have 100’s of customers that will take the time away from your guests, leaving you wanting more, well the best strip service is here and always ready to give you private strippers to your door.

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georgia strippers

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Georgia Male Strippers

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Like everything else in stag globe, female strippers provide a more diverse service these days. When it comes to what she will be wearing, you have an amazing choice than ever before. There are the familiar favorites like nurse and police woman, but there are some more unusual ones too. You can reserve a female stripper in a school girl outfit, which is best if you are hiring an exotic dancer who will humiliate the best man and the bachelor. Our how about wonder women or cat woman for your fantasy female stripper? You might decide you want your exotic dancer dressed in a hot costume with stockings and suspenders or you could go for a hot girl dressed up as a French maid or police officer.

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Boys will be boys – having a female stripper come out is all about hot fun on your friends to enjoy. This type of entertainment is a long-held tradition that is still as famous as ever. Some bachelor parties want to keep it tame while others want to push the envelope as far as possible, but one thing’s for certain, boys especially in the state of Georgia love hot strippers! This is your chance to have the best man’s night out, and that means some live come out to your entertainment babe!

The choice is yours – when it comes to booking your dancers you want to get it just right. We know you partners all like beautiful women dressed in provocative clothing or costumes, who does not? However, we know your flavors differ. If your friend the groom is bit bashful or you just think he would not want anything too in your face, you could reserve a simple kiss-o-gram. She is tamer than a stripper and would not turn it up, she would just come over to embarrass him in a fun way, take some pictures in a costume and wish him well. Atlanta, Buckhead and other areas really have a lot of actors coming in and out of town for work, they could also use some cheering up with a nice short strip o gram for a birthday or celebration.

Humiliate the guest of honor – if your stag like to discuss it up and reckons he can handle anything, or you just want to bring him down a peg or two, you can reserve a miss whiplash to dominate him. Our advice is you can book your very own miss whiplash and she will show your friend no mercy. Ask about our whiplash Georgia style party game.

Keep it classy – if your buddies or partners bachelor party like things a bit more relaxed, you can organize a ticket only event, or go along to a strip show in a venue or club of your choice. The Georgia trippers will bring exciting entertainment to the special venue one is having. You still get your hot female stripper, but you also keep it classy.

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Thanks so much for the professionalism from the start, this company was very easy and organized in scheduling our bachelor party. I will be calling them again for a future event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Well prices vary depending on package your putting together. The dancers are commensurate based on their level of performance quality judged by owner Sean Michael’s and customer feedback.
Been online exactly 12.5 years now.
Loves the art of exotic dancer showmanship. Cares deeply about bringing a quality time to your event & is strict on who will be on his team. Danced all over the world 22yrs, winner of USA strip off twice, playgirl man of the year, hired by Chippendales many times, been on and coordinated over 300 TV shows and music videos.
Both are great. Sean Michales is friends of many strip club owners and partial owner of one himself. It depends on what convenience your looking for. What you want to spend your money on for what value. It’s a multifaceted construct e.g. drinks, dancer show, intimacy, music choice, games, lighting, a la crate options.

Sean Michael’s has responded to this many times on TV & Radio interviews. Anyone can dress in a costume, exercise etc. However, the intangibles that Sean Michael’s brings to teaching his male & female dancers is invaluable. Being an entertainer is both a science & art requiring much more than what a performer can learn just by being thrown on stage with a costume. Costumes and roles as well as additional party games relative to the Bachelorette party. Bachelorette party supplies are a great additional option. Speak to the trained bachelorette event planners to give you ideas and other options we provide.

Speak to bachelor party event planners on our phones. These representatives will give you dancer package ideas, hotels, air bnb, places to eat and daytime/nightime activities, wait staff, little people, other types of entertainment that can work with your bachelor party. Sean Michael’s is friends with many nightclub owners, owns some air bnbs and other businesses that can bring even more excitement for your bachelor party.

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