Elevate Your Golf Experience with Female Golf Caddy Services

Golf can become so much more than just a game. It’s also a tradition, an experience, or, often, a social function. Whether you’re hosting a golf tournament, a corporate function, or are just out on the course for the day, golf is an amazing experience that can be elevated by the professionalism and pleasant demeanor of your golf caddy. Our company provides professional female golf caddy services at many of the best golf courses worldwide, including in Las Vegas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, Tampa, Orlando, Phoenix, Scottsdale, etc.

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Why Choose Female Golf Caddy Services?

Our female golf caddies are not only about beauty, but in fact will enhance your golf experience on these hard way:

Professionalism and Expertise: YOUR CADDIES are trained and educated on the rules and etiquette of golf, from club selection and green reading to valuable tips that can help improve your score.

Interaction/friendliness: Our caddies will make your day so enjoyable that you won’t even notice the heat. They are amongst the friendliest beneficial. They will keep things light for your corporate outing or tournament.

Added Glamour: – Come on! Of course, even ugly caddies may be professionally competent, but you have this extra advantage of having pretty female caddies. They add some glamour to the game and make it extra exciting. You can certainly have them for tournaments; just imagine how they can spice up the whole atmosphere.

Services We Offer

Female Open Golf Caddie Services Every item comes with a standard delivery:

1. Tournament Support

Our caddies are perfect for golf tournaments, offering:

Club selection, green reading, caddie assistance It’ll help us players, levels everything about the game to the best of our abilities.

Engagement: They keep players entertained and motivated, ensuring a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Photography: Capture the moments with our caddies available for photo opportunities with participants.

2. Corporate Functions

For corporate events, our caddies add a professional and engaging touch:

Added Client Entertainment: Clients can be provided with caddies for an enhanced golfing experience.

Team Building: (Tēēˈm;) The caddies may help in organising and managing activities for team building on the course.

Networking: They facilitate interactions and help create a relaxed environment conducive to networking.

3. Charity Events

Make your charity golf events more successful with our caddies:

Fundraising Support: Our caddies can help with various fundraising activities, including auctions and raffles.

Increased publicity: They bring in more participants and sponsors, and therefore more people to your show.

Featured Locations

We provide services in several prime golfing locations:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Not only does Las Vegas boast of some of the best casinos and clubs for night-time entertainment, it also has some of the most exciting golf courses. What’s more, our caddies are guaranteed to add a touch of exhilaration to your golfing evening in the city of lights.

2. Miami, Florida

Perfect weather. Perfect courses. Miami has everything a golfer desires. Smooth moves. Sex appeal. Our caddies add a little something extra to your rounds on our sunny fairways.

3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our golf courses are beautiful, such as those in Fort Lauderdale, and your experience will be lasting because your caddies will make it an enjoyable one.

4. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

The same caddie locale has some of the best private golf clubs in the United States located in Palm Beach Gardens, where we train our caddies all the time.

5. Tampa, Florida

The courses of Tampa are very varied and challenging for an amateur golfer. Caddies in the Tampa area will make it comfortable for you to play on these courses, with many years of experience and tips on practice.

6. Orlando, Florida

Famous for its all-star golf courses, Orlando is also a heaven for golf-lovers around the world. Our caddies will minimize your golf obstacles so that you can play your best and in the shortest time. Our caddies enhance your experience of golfing value.

7. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix golf courses are like nowhere else in the world – that’s why they’re so popular with travel groups We supply caddies who are fully trained in the art of desert golf – which means they know what games you’re entitled to.

8. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is a world-class destination for luxury golf resorts. Our caddies are the exact combination of class and professionalism to help elevate your experience at these premier golf courses.

Media Recognition

Our female golf caddies have gained significant media attention, appearing on:

ESPN: Highlighting their role in enhancing the golfing experience at major tournaments.

FOX Sports: Featuring interviews and segments on the impact of professional caddies in golf.

Golf Channel: Showcasing our caddies’ expertise and contributions to the sport.

From Golf Digest Magazine: Now available: stories on why tournament players should hire a caddie and why you should hire a caddie for your corporate outing.

Florida Golf Magazine: Coverage of our services at top golf destinations in Florida.

Trump National Doral Golf Club: Watch Our caddies in action at our award-winning course, where Trump National hosts many of its tournaments.

The Caddy Experience

Hiring our female golf caddies guarantees a premium experience. Here’s what you can expect:

The old caddy gave me a friendly Yankee welcome. ‘Howaya, Mistera Maloneya? You call me Artie.’ – Damon Runyon, Little Boy Lost (1940). Warm Welcome: Our caddies introduce themselves with a welcoming smile and a helpful manner

Expert Guidance: They provide valuable insights on club selection, course navigation, and shot strategies.

Interactive Conviviality: The caddies keep the event lively and fun to be around – they ensure everyone is having a good time.

Photo opportunities: get your picture taken with our caddies for a personal touch.

Booking Your Caddy

We provide female golf caddy services and are available at nearest location to you. Just call us or contact us to inform us your location and date. If you need female golfer to play with you, if you require somebody to take care all your needs during your golf tournament or just to have somebody who is keen in golf to join your private game, we will have a perfect match for your needs.


You are invited to enhance your game of golf by having one of our female golf caddies play with you. In Las Vegas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, Tampa, and Orlando Florida, Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona, or anywhere in the US we will be happy to provide a beautiful young woman to play with you for the day. Our caddies have appeared on Good Morning America, National Public Radio (NPR), Playboy radio, the Wall Street Journal, and Fox News among others. They have provided services at Hooters Golf Course, Grey Oaks Golf Club, PGA National Resort N Spa, Stonebridge and Trump National Doral Resort. If you are planning a golf outing for a significant event, our caddies will add value, excitement and professionalism to your day. You can book today!

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