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The Uncrowned Royalty Of Strip Clubs

You must be a taker for Justin Beiber’s swag, but we all know that nothing works like Rihanna and Drake when it comes to strip clubs with Houston strippers. The duo, who are supposedly dating each other, hit it like no one else. They are spending all their bills in the club. Rihanna Houston strip clubs spotting is yet another time we have seen RiRi at her clubbing best. Drake gave her a surprise in her Dallas concert and had the favor returned when the two went straight to the V Live Gentlemen’s Club. Though they both entered the spaces separately, they partied all night, spending a whopping $17,000. RiRi kept it to a modest $5000 while the rest of the bucks came straight from Drizzy’s pockets.

Jhonni Blaze, their attendant for the night said that the couple was sitting close together and was very nice in the club. In fact, they did not even bother to drink or smoke as much this time. But that didn’t mean that their sporty and crazy behavior was kept in check. Drizzy was throwing money all around the club while RiRi went a step ahead and gave Jhonni a spank as soon as she first started to dance for them. The two left together and gave Houston Female Strippers a great time with all that money.

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There are more juicy details to that news. Rihanna would be presented with Icon Award in a few days. But she was in no mood to call it an off for the sake of an award. The Rude Girl RiRi threw in a black jumpsuit to party with her man. Jhonni told us a few more things about this encounter. Rihanna arrived at the club alone. Her 2 a.m. arrival was soon met by Drake, who came about 30 minutes late to the V Live Gentlemen’s Club. This was no surprise entry as the club security made her go straight to Rihanna’s section. She even said that the two had even dressed alike and looked every bit of a couple.

We don’t know about Drizzy and RiRi, but Jhonni definitely had a great night. She collected more than $10,000 herself while entertaining the couple for close to three hours. The rest of the money was spent on the rest of the strippers in Houston. Things look great heating up between the two and it looks that similar interest are drawing them closer to each other. Wait for their next strip adventure.