How Old Do You Have to Be to Become a Stripper

So, at What Age Can You Start Dancing in a Strip Club in the US and Abroad?

What is the minimum age needed for exotic dancers to start working? Hot Party Stripper is a company run by Sean Michaels, formerly of Chippendales and LaBare fame and who has performed in movies like Magic Mike, which featured other Chippendales and LaBare performers. Here’s a breakdown of the minimum age requirements in some of their main areas of operation around the world. Want to explore birthday party options in your area? Find out more information below.

Minimum Age Requirements for Exotic Dancers: The States It’s important to note that each state has its own age minimum for working as an exotic dancer.

  • Nevada has one of the lowest minimums at 18, while
  • Washington has a minimum of 21. The following minimums also come from state requirements.
  • Turkey – 24 years old
  • Australia – 18 years old
  • Dubai – 21 years old
  • Europe is another region where exotic dancing is very popular, and it has some of the lowest minimum ages in the world. To find out more about exotic dancer law in Europe, visit our comprehensive article on exotic dancer laws.
  • Germany – 18 years old
  • Poland – 18 years old. The minimum age requirements also vary from country to country worldwide.
  • Venezuela: 18 years old
  • Canada: 18 years old Israel: 18 years old
  • Hong Kong: 18 years old
  • Oman: 21 years old
  • Mexico: 18 years old
  • Ireland: 18 years old
  • France: 18 years old
  • Greece: 18 years old
  • Japan: 18 years old

United States: Varied State Laws

In the US, state law sets the minimum age for exotic dancing. Some states allow dancers to start working at 18, while others are stricter.

Florida recently raised the minimum age to 21. The trend towards higher age limits is evident. It is tempting to conclude about causes, but this cannot be done. We will never know if these laws were directly the result of child labor. However, the potential link between the two is certainly intriguing.

California: The minimum age requirement is 18.

Nevada (just to spell it out; they also refer to Las Vegas): You must be 18 to dance. Some clubs require dancers to be 21.

New York: The legal age is 18.

Texas: The minimum age is 21, aligning with Florida’s recent change.

Europe: Diverse Regulations

In Europe, the legal working age of an erotic dancer varies by country, and even within countries by region.

United Kingdom: The minimum age is 18.

Germany: The club is open to dancers aged 18 and up. However, though legal, individual clubs may place age limits above the legal one.

France: 18, but again: clubs are free to restrict entry in other ways, as in Germany.

Spain: Generally, the minimum age is 18, but specific regions may have additional regulations.

Australia: Strict and Consistent

Australia maintains a relatively uniform age requirement across its states and territories.

Summary of all States: The legal age to exotic dance in Australia is 18. This is true in big states such as New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Dubai: Highly Regulated Environment

Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, has strict regulations regarding entertainment and nightlife.

Dubai: Exotic dancers must be 21 years old. But the industry is restricted and permits are hard to get.

Hot Party Stripper: Global Reach, Top-notch Entertainment

Hot Party Stripper takes its services, under the proprietorship of Sean Michaels, to these different areas, adhering to the specifics of local legislation to make sure its clients stay satisfied and its shows stay beyond reproach. Our performers have been carefully chosen to exude the same electric vibes of Magic Mike and other like-minded shows. They’re good-looking, but they’re also quietly professional, not just performers of sex, but also practitioners of legal sex.

Miami London Sydney or Dubai? No matter what city you are planning on throwing an event in, we are ready to keep you and your guest satisfied. Our team has years of knowledge, and have developed various contacts across the industry. We have shaped our dancer database in a way that can overcome even the trickiest legal requirements.


It is very important to know the minimum age for working as an exotic dancer, as well as the legalities of hiring one for an event, since different countries have different rules. In the U.S., Europe, Australia and Dubai, there are different regulations. Every performance you’ll receive from Hot Party Stripper is legal and exciting everywhere in the world.

Message from Sean Michaels, Owner of Hot Party Stripper

Hey, Sean Michaels here at Hot Party Stripper, and I just want to answer one of my frequently asked questions, which is, What’s the minimum age a person should be for wanting to be an exotic dancer?

In general, 18 is the minimum age for exotic dancer work. In some states like Florida and Texas, the minimum age is 21.

The Las Vegas situation is slightly different, in that you can work with an individual client at 18 – ie at a private event such as stag or bachelor parties, birthday parties, private bachelorette parties, or corporate events – but if you choose to work in a club you will need certification from the city, which takes a little bit of paperwork – although we’ll gladly guide you through this if you need our help. For private parties, it is likely you’ll not need certification at all unless you’re a full-time Nevada resident.

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