Men Model Named Jonny

jonny a good looking miami model

Height : 5’10”
Weight : 210
Hair : Dark-Brown
Eyes : Brown
Bio: : This male model named Jonny resides in Hialeah Florida. he is available for birthday parties as well as bachelorette parties . We have many other exotic male dancers in Miami to choose from. It should be your turn to throw a party. Have our male Revue dancers come out for you women. Our entertainers always turn up the spice and heat at your bridal party as well. You maybe you’re having a baby shower, or girls night out, it really doesn’t matter. Our male models in Miami will come out to any event that you’re having anywhere as well. Maybe check out Antonio, as they have some resemblance. Another guy named Patrick ,
Is another local guy that has some resemblance to Jonny, not quite as big but Patrick is a local star on television
Prices subject to change depending on location of party.

  • Bachelor Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Divorce Parties
  • Girls Night Out
  • Sports Parties
  • Fantasy Football Parties
  • Business Convention Promo
  • Couples Party
  • Solo Just Strip For You
  • Surprise Office Parank
  • Yacht Boat Party
  • Improv Any Event

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