Las Vegas Strip Spearmint Rhino

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Spearmint Rhino Strip Club in Las Vegas

Spearmint Rhino is one of the sexiest clubs in Las Vegas, having eschewed the typical modern look for something more flattering and opulent to skin tones. Think England country manor with lots of fake painting, comfy seating, big ceramic vases in the passageways, and muted lighting, and so on many Vegas strip dancers that no issue where you sit or stand in this club you are within 3 feet of a women with long legs, busty tits and a smile.

Rhino has one big and 2 smaller stage, but this is initially a lap-dance club. It is appropriately dark out on the floor, and the mileage is top even out on the big floor, though the degree of physical contact with the Las Vegas strippers is at the top as in the VIP rooms. The VIP rooms are little spaces with multiple booths.

There are separate VIP rooms for half-hour, hour, and 3 song dances. The hour-long room is more graceful with roomier couches, though it is not any more secret. If you want a true private space with a dancer, the only such booth in the club is generally available, as you must pay a $370 bottle free.
On the other hand, it is something like a lap dance only walking in the room, because the club is always so crowded and you end up brushing against so many good-looking bodies.

I have always been shocked that there seem to be as many dancers as customers at Rhino, and the club obviously gets to be choosy about whom they hire. But there is a drawback to having such a top dancer to customer ratio.
The Rhino strip club serves food 24 hours a day (except for Sunday). The selection of dinner, lunch and breakfast items includes steak and eggs for $10. Most salads, sandwiches, etc are in the $6 to $12 range. You may not see many stage dances during food time, except a few sitting around to see if any guys area ready for VIP dance or lap.
As of January 2015 there is a lunch unique again from 11 am to 7 pm regularly, with a club or burger club with water and fries, Bud or any soda product for $5.

A local beer is $4.50 until 7 pm, then the evening price goes up to $12 (unless they make you pay at the door for the 2 drink minimum, in which case the drink vouchers cost only $11 each).