Las Vegas Strippers

Time for an epic Las Vegas strippers to your room experience. We provide privacy without the strip club guidelines that make everything bland.

Where else in the USA can you find hot gorgeous ladies everywhere. With drinking, casinos, delicious foods, dance clubs, strip clubs, and luxury hotels. Oh, and the wildest parties in the world?

Las Vegas, Nevada, is the Sin City for a healthy reason. You explore every sinful thought you have ever had, which is the norm.

This adult playground in the desert is the ideal location for having a constant smile on your face. Start your engines with our super hot strippers.


Rent Las Vegas Strippers


All things regarded, strip clubs have many dancers on stage. In any case, they have a ton of clients. In this way, you are struggling with many clients for a few dancers. The club strippers have limited time with you. For instance, one song equals one lapdance.

We give you VIP service. We focus on you and your buddies. We are around you the whole time. You can play any music you want, it is your party. Our dancers perform with toys, which strip clubs cannot do. Private strippers don’t have club rules, for instance, 3 minutes for each lap dance. They make their own rules with the clients.

Private Party Vegas Strippers vs Strip Club

Both private events and strip clubs are great. Both have mixed benefits. It leans on what you are looking for.

What you need to get. The price you will spend:

  1. At private parties, we merge a show with a costume. Also, we perform epic toy shows.
  2. You will have your own music choices. 
  3. We serve you like a king.


Costs are changing. Rates rely upon the dancers. It also depends on the area. If it’s not too much strain, consider that we are bringing the strip club to you.

Sean Micheal has won the USA strip show contest twice. In my view, It is foolish to think someone will take their clothes off at low rates yet be pretty.

At low rates, you can not achieve good results.

For a long time, clients call us without a second to spare. They try to replace a simple stripper that they hired somewhere else. It is too hard to get a stripper without a second to spare. Hot strippers are not sitting around waiting for parties.

Rent a Vegas Male Stripper

Sean Michaels addressed this on TV and Radio shows. Anybody can work out and dress in a costume. In any case, our male artists realize how to put on a show. Ask us on the phone to give you ideas. Request that they furnish you with the full down-low on all choices of our men, treating you like a queen. 

Bachelor Party Vegas Strippers 

We have experts to plan your party. They will give you ideas. Besides, they will provide insights on resorts and Air BnB that many of our clients use. 


The dancer brings their blue-tooth speaker. 

The amount SHOULD I TIP? 

This is up to the client.

Spread out the singles.

If you can tip a server to carry food to your table. Then you should tip a performer, which requires more expertise and looks.

Las Vegas Strippers to Your Room

Are you in town for a convention business meeting and want to impress your team? Book a few of our sexy exotic dancers as topless servers. The girls will wait on your team’s hand and foot while parading their best assets. This is strippers to your room type of service. So, this service will be sure to leave a lasting impact!

After a long day of gambling, shopping, and eating. Don’t waste money on high-priced tickets to see a burlesque show in crowded theaters. Where the girls are far away from you.

Wouldn’t it be better if your own private strippers came to your door?

To then show you all her beautiful curves and moves on your lap in your private suites?

Las Vegas Female Strippers for Private Parties

Are you and your peers celebrating a Bachelor party? Of course, you need private dancers and lots of them! When in Vegas, go big or go home because everything that occurs in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Try a party package with more than one private stripper to meet your Bachelor party goers’ wishes?!

Imagine two to four strippers. With more seductive models showing off their toy collections. Our ‘hot girls” will spoil you and your buddies. They will role-play your most erotic girl-on-girl private strip shows.

A live show beats any online video cam. Our dancers will leave each of you way happier than sitting in a dark venue far from the action.

Let Hot Party Strippers Las Vegas help create your final fantasy of adult fun. Contact us now to set you up with a live show. The hottest and most skilled performers come to you when you’re ready for them. We assure you there’s not a bad seat in the house.

How Much Does A Lap Dance Cost In Vegas?

Lap dance in Las Vegas can range from $20-$40 for one to two songs or timed at about 3 to 5 minutes.

Lap dances in three ways.

  1. One is on the open floor on a chair next to the main or side stage.
  2. Second, it could be in a private room. This option can be costly as you have to buy a bottle to buy privacy.
  3. Third, private dancers can come to your hotel for a show fee and give free lap dances for 30 minutes to many hours. This choice depends on what package you create with an event planner. These private strippers for hire will only charge $20 if the public isn’t tipping them at their party.

Private dancers don’t have all the overhead costs.

Like, tipping out the DJ, bouncers, bar staff, the house mom, and the door fee like dancers do at strip clubs. Making female and male strippers happier about doing private bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Las Vegas Male Strippers Bachelorette Party

Hi ladies, this is Sean Michael owner of this company. I can assure you the guys on my team are classy and have a lot of experience.

  • Will the male dancer get on top of my girlfriends? The performer will put on a show for all guests. They follow your directions. It is up to you, how wild you want to get.
  • Will the performer come in costume and on time? Yes, we have a lot of costume choices. The male dancer will always contact you before the show.
  • Can the male stripper be a cop? Come here mam, spread your legs, I need to check you for heat, feels wet in here mam. Yes, we do, and we put on great shows.
  • Can he be a firefighter? Knock knock, I’m with fire rescue, I got a complaint about someone not feeling well or fire was brewing. Im not fire marshal Bill honey, Im the Magic man that puts out all fires.

This was the first time I ever set foot at a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party and I enjoyed it. My friends had warned me about the temptations losing money for nothing at the Casinos. Those made me change my earlier plans of making money by betting. The Las Vegas Male Strippers were cool. We found them very friendly and non-aggressive right from the start. I downed a couple of Martinis and this set the tune right for music on the rocks. My friends happen to be well-experienced male connoisseurs. Their choice brought vigor and vitality to our first-ever bachelor party. Of course, our first entry was discrete. We had made a point to turn off our mobiles. To conceal our identities. But as the ice broke and the Martinis kicked in, we all got on the dance floor. Pretty soon, we found ourselves in the large dancing hall. The whole environment was teasing and heart-pleasing. Our hearty thanks to everyone behind organizing such an erotic evening. Thanks

Sheila Rogers, fashion designer and model Las Vegas

Where have all the Glamorous men disappeared? Was the first question my friends asked me when I called them for my birthday party at my villa in Las Vegas. I asked them to pack themselves on the next flight and land here first. This rather took them by surprise. The guests soon arrived and the birthday toast happened. As the digital clock struck 8 pm, the Las Vegas Male Strippers appeared at my doorstep. My friends thought they were cops. But as the music started, everyone figured it out. My friends were transported into a new world. Thanks for the wonderful time

Jennifer L.

Along with 5 of my close friends, I headed toward Las Vegas for my bachelor’s party a week before my wedding. The sole motto was to watch some ultra-hot exotic dancers. With their hair down doing that sexy lap dance making me go crazy for their bodies. In a strip club, they don’t give you much time. So, we had the strip club come to our hotel. There were ten female strippers with towering sexy figures and a few hot curves. I was awesome feeling them all over us, while 5 of them were pole dancing for our group. Las Vegas Strippers are eye candy to your eyes and nothing beats live entertainment to feel. Thanks


For the world, I am a shy guy. In fact Ive always. I was in Las Vegas for a corporate meeting and on weekend my fellow friends went to a strip club. I refused to go but I ordered an in-room stripper. There came a gorgeous woman with a sculpted body. Every bit of my craving when I treated myself to her, that’s how awesome she was. Thanks so much for sending that beautiful woman to dance for me.


If I had to rate women on their sex appeal and art of seduction, I would rate the Las Vegas Strippers No.1. . Man! They are smoking hot women knowing exactly what a man wants as a visual treat. Their bodies are amazing, and you want to grab them and enjoy the fun. On a particular street in Vegas there are number of strippers available for your beck and call. I had the time of my life looking at those hot women who can make you want more and more and make your fantasies come true. I was salivating like crazy. Thanks


I had such a great time throwing my friend’s bachelorette party at the Bellagio hotel. We had Dre come to our event dressed as room service. He had on a pair of black slacks that were tight fitting. He looked like hotel staff let him borrow a walking tray with food and drinks on it. His music was below under the table and soon enough he broke out his moves. My friends were so pleased they didn’t want him to leave. We would love to come back for the next planned event for a girls night out and get Dre again. Thanks


OMG Sean Michaels, you were right, Ken has a great personality and is very tall like my girl likes. The bachelorette girl is 5ft 11 inches tall, so she only likes tall guys. He had my girl drooling one minute and laughing the next minute. I would have to say that anytime we come over from Cali again, we will be sure to give your company a call. We may even line up the next event by buying some tickets for your male revue show in Vegas. Thanks

Becky's bachelorette party

Thanks for the great Las Vegas Strippers you sent us at the MGM hotel. Our bachelor party went very well and it was nice for my boys to get loose. Peaches and Angelina were incredible in every way. They both looked super sexy. They put on a great girl-on-girl show together, spanking each other and feeding the kitty. It was an awesome toy show they delivered for sure the best strippers we have ever seen. We will for sure get Las Vegas strippers for our next event. Thanks,


Thanks, Sean Michaels, for putting together the last-minute bachelorette party. We stayed at the Wynn hotel, which was perfect. Dominic was a nice guy and lots of fun. All the girls loved him, and we will keep you guys in mind for any future parties. We come here a lot to party. This company is very professional in the entire bachelorette party planning process. Thanks again