Legs and Eggs Bachelor Party Hangover Antidote

Hot Party Legs and Eggs

Guests will surely go wild as Hot Party Strippers has legs and eggs. The gorgeous dancers and beautiful models give clients an incredible experience. Our hot girls come over and cook breakfast. They serve all the guests, with plates replaced by these gorgeous women’s legs. You men, need to come to dig in with no utensils. This will surely cure any hangover that you’re having. And for bachelorette party hangovers, our breakfast eggs and bacon are switched out for eggs and sausage ladies.

Do You Like Your Legs With Eggs Sunny Side Up

Well, fellas, do you like your girls laying on their back, and you eat your breakfast with eggs and bacon off the top of their thighs and their beautiful shins. I mean, you might as well put it on the top of their feet for your foot fetish, guys. We all love beautiful feet and beautiful legs. For bachelorette parties, you surely will like your male dancer’s legs and eggs sunny-side up. Place your eggs and sausage right by his g-string.

Over Easy Legs and Eggs For A Bachelor Party

All right Bachelor parties we got the over-easy legs and eggs how many of you guys like the girls on their stomachs with their behinds pointed upwards. Place your breakfast on their beautiful hamstrings and calves. Then for a second portion put your breakfast on each cheek. 

Get Scrambled Legs And Eggs For A Bachelorette Party

Scrambled legs and eggs are especially common for bachelorette parties. As you have seen in the Magic Mike movie, Channing Tatum flips the girls. Will Yours Truly the owner of how pretty stripper used to do that many years ago before this movie. So in training male dancers, they will flip and reverse you in several directions. Ladies, there’s nothing better than being flipped and reversed and then having a nice tasty sausage mixed with pancakes syrup stuck right in your mouth.

Legs and Eggs bachelor party
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