Magic Mike

Magic mike and the Life of a Stripper

They say that when your life is a fantasy, it can be hard to deal with reality and that is one of the things that this movie deals with. This movie had a main start that used to dance as you know his name is Channing Tatum who is a actor who used to be a male dancer in Tampa Florida. There are many aspects to being a a male dancer that might seem difficult to notice, but at the same life the life of a exotic stripper can be quite different from what people imagine. A professional stripper is someone who takes care of their bodies and makes sure that they are out there at the gym building and shaping their bodies into the chiseled and toned look that people like to see.

A dancing performing male strippers is someone who spend all of his time making sure that his body is always in this state of near perfection. Pumped muscle, smooth skin and a properly groomed body are not easy thing to achieve. The male stripper and the female stripper are like soldiers who are constantly looking out for what they eat and drink. Never forget that even people with the best genes are never going to be able to look their best if they neglect their diets and they exercise.
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The movie does indeed touch on a very real subject and that is the difficulty that most Tampa strippers have to decide if they will even try to get into a serious relationship. There is a lot of difficulty with trust in this line of work and that is probably the reason why so many people choose to get involved with other people in the stripping business too. It’s easier to deal with a relationship when both people have the line of work.

Never forget that a professional stripper can also be someone who has a family, or someone who is paying for their college education with this job. There is always much more than meets the eye when you meet a person who strips.