Celebrate a Bachelor Party in Medellin Colombia

If you are older than the age of eighteen you already know that a bachelorette party is synonymous with naked women’s, donkey shows, heavy drinking and more bare ladies. That is all perfect, and believe us when we say we do not interfere with traditions. Anyway, bachelor parties are not just about booze and ladies.

For those looking to travel to city for bachelorette party or even a birthday thrill, Medellin VIP is here to tell you that the wonderful backgrounds and springtime weather year-round make it the best venue for adventure travel. Further to the straight late-night sin here are the best bachelor party ideas in Medellin Colombia.

Shooting ranges

Medellin has shooting ranges located just a few minute walk from the city to give a more peaceful and calm atmosphere for, you guessed it, fifty bullets, shooting stuff, , three different kinds of ruffles and multiple beer cans, what could possibly go bad?
Water rafting

Water rafting is an adventure dating back 100s of years and an activity extremely few know about in Medellin. Experience the turbulent waters of the Cauca River and release all of the buildup adrenaline from the hard work back at the office.

Kill each other

With paintball being extremely famous among the younger urban crowd, there are a big range of different fields where you can release some accumulated worry.

Sightseeing and road trips

Road trips support take the mind off stressful thoughts going via the mind of a soon to be married man and the wonderful landscapes found in the towns outside the city offers a feeling of tranquility.


Many say fishing is a dying sport but there is nothing more enjoying than a long day out fishing, hanging out and drinking beer with the guys followed by a through massage.


Very few domestics have done it and has been an activity completed by mostly visitors but if you have an adventure tour in mind, nothing says daredevil more than visiting a foreign nation with your friends and jumping off a plane.

Helicopter rides

A thrill that is brief but gratifying, we take you on a fifteen minute ride overlooking the full city. Beginning the domestic airport your adventure starts. Go back home and tell you Colombian friends you saw side of Medellin that likely they have not experienced.

Restaurant tours

Medellin is home to a big range of different cuisines and if you want a relax send-off to married life, there is nothing excellent than a restaurant trip of Medellin.