Miami Strip Clubs

miami strip clubs

Strip Clubs in Miami Florida

Miami Beach and south Florida are know for being sizzling spots for adult entertainment and strip clubs with many selections from top end expensive strip club to the little less costly local club. The south beach nightlife is burning all night long and so are the strip clubs. So if you want your fun entertainment before your night out in South Beach night club scene or after the gentleman’s Miami clubs are open for business. If you are staying in South Beach the nearest strip club is placed on Washington Ave known as Club Madonna. The next closet to south beach is a latest big Vegas style genetlemans club Cabaret known as E11Even. The strip club is high fashionable and has many private bottle services places. E11 is placed in Downtime Miami about ten minutes away from the big South Beach strippers area. The other strip clubs are placed about 20 to 35 minutes from South Beach.

Best Miami Strip Clubs

E11Even Cabaret Nightclub

One of the biggest Miami Vegas Style gentlemen’s clubs has full liquor and full nudity, friction dancing and has a weekly characteristic entertainer performing burlesque style shows several times during the night.

Booby Trap Doral

The 18-year old establishment is like an expert sports organization that can afford to bring players from al l over the globe. Here, you are as probably to meet a blue eyed farm girl from Romania as a Cartagena girl. Its nearness to the airport makes it as much as a business tourist as a local one.

Deans Gold

Placed in North Miami Beach about twenty minutes from South Beach upscale club with many full liquor bar and stages and many flat screen TV.


Placed in Miami Gardens which is about 20 minutes from South Beach, Club has 2 stages with many VIP places and full liquor bar.

Scarletts Strip Club

Big 12,000 square foot club with five VIP rooms and flat screen TV and big liquor bar.

Club Madonna

Only strip club placed in South Beach with Private VIP rooms Club Madonna does not serve alcohol.

miami strip clubs