Minneapolis Midget Strippers

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Little Lucky The Dwarf

Minneapolis Midget Strippers

Minneapolis Midget Strippers

Height : 4’3″
Weight : —
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Brown
Bio: : Ladies – Little Lucky Charms brings all the fun you need to a bachelorette party. Birthdays are always welcome as this little man bring laughs for all guests. Guys, what better way to celebrate a bachelor party than with a midget wing man hanging out with you guys bringing laughter and fun as well as possibly being a referee for the exotic dancers you may have come out.


  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Divorce Parties
  • Girls or Guys Night Out
  • Sports Parties
  • Fantasy Football Parties
  • Business Convention Promo
  • Couples Party
  • Solo Just Strip For You
  • Surprise Office Parank
  • Yacht Boat Party
  • Improv Any Event
minneapolis midget strippers bachelorette party

Little Police Officer

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Dwarf Bowling

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Rock Star

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Gender Reveal

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Midget Wrestling

Midget Strippers In Minneapolis

Midget Entertainment for Holiday Parties

Minneapolis is a great city having tons of activities, with well recognized culture and a great natural charm. Minneapolis is an amazing holiday spot to explore with your family and friends. This is true for tourists as well as locals of Minneapolis. Below, I will discuss some of the most enjoyable things to do in Minneapolis. Everything mentioned here can be appreciated by individual person as well as their friends and family. If you really wish to have a great Fun in Minneapolis then you must rent a midget in Minneapolis Minnesota. These midget strippers are perfect for any special occasion, which includes bachelorette parties, Birthday Parties, holiday celebrations, corporate activities, bachelor celebrations, sporting events, eating great Food, retirement parties and many more.

Great things to in Minneapolis Minnesota once you rent little people in Minneapolis Minnesota

Visit Sculpture Garden of Minneapolis – Get influenced by the brilliance of local designers as you walk through one of the Minnesota’s renowned gardens. The Cherry and Spoon bridge sculpture is one of the most unforgettable masterpieces in the town.

Walker Artwork center and the Sculpture Garden – The Walker Artwork Centre is actually a modern art gallery situated within Minneapolis. It contains many art displays, galleries, music, as well as a small theatre. Next to the gallery, you can see the sculpture backyard, which is good to watch and walk. You must visit this place and understand why Newsweek rated this place as the finest modern artwork gallery within United States.

Rent A Midget

Enjoy the greatness of Minnehaha Recreation and Falls – The Minnehaha Park is another great place as the outdoor treasures of Minneapolis. Situated around the Mississippi Stream, this popular park attracts thousands of visitors every year. It has nearly 200 acres of land; the park has a beautiful, 153 acres wide and the 53-feet in height Minnehaha waterfall as well as bluffs. Minnehaha Recreation area and Falls is probably the first park of Minneapolis. It attracts over 850,000 guests annually.

Enjoy the Helicopter ride – One of the greatest ways to watch the Minneapolis town is by riding the helicopter. Individuals who want to explore this beautiful area will find several options for these tours, apart from Two City Tour, which covers both Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The Lake Minnetonka excursion is an additional alternative. Lake Minnetonka is one of the biggest ponds in the entire Minnesota and it is very beautiful. Many people come here for their vacation parties and rent a midget in Minneapolis Minnesota only for Chopper Excursion


Coming together culturally is the best way to maintain a healthy mind. It has an impact on every aspect of your life. The more you watch more you will have fun and more you will be successful in your life. Our life is not for spending time for slaving 10 hours every day. After all, we are working for a healthy lifestyle. Get out and have some enjoyable moments. Things look great on paper, and they get better if you encounter them. Now what are you waiting for? Just have break and rent a midget in Minneapolis Minnesota, arrange the tour, pack your handbags and have fun.

Thanks Cher per book in our party we had a fantastic time with little lucky he played the police roll really well. All my girlfriends were laughing and rolling on the floor. The bachelorette party was ahead we really appreciate your professionalism and look forward to calling you guys again in the future.


Cher, we appreciate your last-minute putting together our event. Little lucky was a great wing man we all had a fantastic time going to the gun range with him for a bachelor party. It was even better when we took him to the nightclub with us as all the girls were coming up to our VIP booth wanting to meet him. He was a lot of fun had a few drinks with us and overall we had an amazing time.


Just wanted to give my two cents here. I called the stripper agency to hire a midget stripper for my wife’s 40th birthday party. The company was absolutely fantastic and arranging some ideas for the party. Overall the event planning was very smooth and all the guests had a fantastic time. More importantly my wife had a blast and took a lot of pictures. We really appreciate you organizing the event for us we look forward to future venues with you.


Thanks so much for putting together my buddies birthday party. The midget dressed in the opal but costume was the best part of the event. We dressed up my friend in a Willy Wonka costume and then little lucky came in and everybody’s jaw dropped as everybody was very surprised and had a great time. We appreciate you sending him to the restaurant we were at celebrating the birthday party. Thanks so much for organizing everything

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