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Nothing better than hiring a little person to bring smiles to everyone at your get-together. Offering so many event ideas is what we do for you. Call us today as our little dwarfs entertain all New Jersey as well as a reasonable distance in the surrounding areas as far as Philly and NYC. Have little people come out dressed in unique costumes for your birthday celebration this weekend. Enjoy a fun prank on your best friend’s bachelorette, bachelor, or birthday party. So many costumes to pick from to make your event unique. Contact the event planners for your special little person entertainment.

Midgets Elvis and Marilyn

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Male Midget Elvis

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New Jersey Midget Strippers

Celebrate with Midget Entertainment in New Jersey

Your midget will arrive at your stag do with a naughty streak and best sense of fun. He loves karaoke and he will eager to sing and even more keen to get the groom up to sing with him! He can bust some moves on the dance floor and if you stag strongly handcuffed to him, he will have no option but to get out there and throw some shapes too. Your might also loves to enjoy practical jokes. He is just like Weeman from jackass and he loves to be in on the action, whatever he is. He might be pretty, but he would not hold back. He will be partying the strongest and laughing the loudest.

Rent a midget for

You can hire a midget for any type of occasion or party. Our pretty men are flexible and ready to have fun with you whether it is a hen party, birthday party or New Jersey midget strippers, or leavers do. But a midgets for a stag do still remains most famous typically due to an unusual taste to their do. So if you think Weeman is the funniest prankster in Jackass, or you would love to hang out with your extremely own smurf, your stag party could provide the best chance to do just that. It is one of the most famous stag party activities in New Jersey.

All the top things come in little packages and this pretty man is overflowing with fun and a wicked sense of humor. But it does not have to end there. Midget hire is quick becoming more and more famous with promo events, where this pretty man can include a touch of the unexpected and truly get peoples focus.

Nothing is going to stop us

No issue where you want to party, right here in the NJ, or overseas, your pretty man will go with you. You set the itinerary and he will be there. He can meet you at your pick place, he will fly anywhere you want, and he will even wait at the airport for you, welcoming you to foreign shores with a big sing with the stags name on it!

Or, if you favor, your Midget can meet you here in the New Jersey, and fly out with you, keeping the laughs going from begin to end. He will be with you for one day, but if want him for longer than that, just ask!