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The Hottest Body Paint or Nude Waitresses!

Everyone knows that the human body is something we are all intrigued by. This is the reason why there is an obsession with sculpting it to the best of our abilities. The better the body looks in terms of fitness and low fat percentage, the sexier and more appealing it will be for others to look at it. If you are planning to host a party on a cool location or simply have one at your house, you could really step your game of sophistication up with a model who will be serving drinks and food in the nude.

This will be a completely professional person who is there to showcase the beauty of the human body while serving as a waiter or waitress for your party. You don’t have to worry about them feeling uncomfortable because they are very secure about their bodies and how they look. They are professionals who have been doing this for a long time and you will see this from the moment they walk into your party. Everyone at the event will be in complete shock when they first see the waiters come out nude and this is going to make it a party they will never forget. You will be the host of the year without a doubt.

If you want things to be even more exotic, you can ask for the waiter or waitress to be nude but also wearing full body paint. This will be an even more attractive and appealing kind of showcase of the human body in a sexy and tasteful way. You just need to contact us at the website and we will make sure that we can give you the best service for your needs at the party you will be throwing. You can also ask for specific models and clothing you want them to wear if you prefer semi nudity.



You can get one our sexy male or female waiters , waitress or bartenders at your party. They will serve and entertain your guests.

RATES: Varies depending on factors e.g. Time , Number of servers, What service etc.