NYC Strippers Strike Saying Bottle Girls Taking Cash Cite Racism

NYC strippers strike against bartenders racism

SEAN MICHAEL’s (winner of the USA strip off twice) was interviewed regarding these accusations these exotic dancers are claiming. His response was racism is equal on all sides but managers of strip clubs don’t put forth the effort to control the time the wait staff spends with clients. Wait staff spending an abundance of time with clients, takes away from the exotic dancer’s performances on the stage and decreases the strippers money making capabilities. The strip clubs are more concerned about bottle sales over the exotic dancers monetary success.

Sean Michael’s Take On Matter

  • Strip Club Cares More About Bottle Sales & Less About Exotic Dancer Performance

  • When bottle girls are speaking for free with the clients, the clients wont pay attention to the exotic dancer performance on the stage. A blatant disrespect to the black strippers, white, latin, asian, indian and any dancer period on the stage.

  • BOTTLE GIRLS – should have to earn the attention they get by clients by charging $25 per song just like the dancers have to. Now we will see how awesome these bottle girls think they are compared to the HOT STRIPPERS intangibles of performing in beautiful ways.

  • Strip Club management should control how much time waitresses can spend with clients. Dancers must get paid to speak to clients. This puts the dancers in a disadvantage and an advantage for waitresses to make money off the client by building a fun rapport.

  • Strip Club Managers – should care about the happiness of the exotic dancers as well. A happy dancer puts on a better show, how can one put on a nice show if they aren’t in good spirits.

  • Bottle Sales – are extremely important for a strip club. Yet, the majority of strip club managers FAIL at the full task needed to manage correctly.

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NYC Strippers Say Racism Is In The Strip Club

NYC strippers are breach their silence and tell against the bad treatment they have received by club managers and promoters alike. Over the last several years, the arrival of a new breed of “bartenders” who are also called as “bottle girls”, has created a much more competitive atmosphere for dancers who claim that they are already dealing with inadequate pay and racial discrimination, according to the Washington post.¬†For decades, strippers have been the big attraction for certain clubs. Anyway, club owners have now begun to hire attractive women with big followings on social media to serve as bartenders. These extremely sought after social media idols are how bottle girls rose to importance and what their job is in the New York city strippers strike, news from Business insider.

nyc strippers strike say bottle girls are racist

Some exotic dancers are declaring that bottle girls are given special treatment. Usually, NYC strippers have forever paid a home fee to the club. At a minimum, they must pay fifty dollar a night to strip. During large events, the fee raises to $150 to $250. Bartenders don’t pay house charges, according to the Washington post.

While marketing their upcoming attendance on social media, lots of night clubs will have bartender girls dress in special clothing that are match to the strippers. Bartenders begun to look like the strippers and gathered a ton of advantages.

Both groups of ladies are working for the focus of the spectators and their cash. Alike to strippers, they are not workers of the club, but secret contractors. Many girls for serving have joined social community, using Instagram to build following of men in the hope that these men will track them into the sexy clubs. Within the clubs, these girls have the same aim as the strippers regarding getting money.

The Washington Post released an article in which a stripper named Panama shared a story in which a confrontation with bartenders changed physical. Panama says as she was receiving her cash when one of the waiter girls also begun to combine the money for herself. When Panama attempt to recover the cash from the bartenders, a lady bouncer chooses Panama and attempt to hold back her. In the attempt to crack free in pointed heels, she said she twisted her ankle.

Additional, a new type of bartender has entertained the industry there has been a severe difference in exotic dancer wages. She used to make 1000s in a night but now normally average $400 a night.

nyc strippers strike racism