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Why Hire Private Strippers in Los Angeles?

Gentlemen, take charge! Stop paying too much for too little. We all know that hosting a bachelor party in Los Angeles can be a great thing to do and we also know that there are many strip clubs around town that would help you do that. However, what you don’t know is that your pockets are being ripped off when the stripper is performing for you stage. How? Well, let’s start by the cost that you have to pay for attending a striptease session by one of those regular strippers in the club. There are three major strip clubs in the area namely, 4Play, Skin Gentlemen’s Lounge, and Spearmint Rhino. All three clubs have a great reputation but you bound to lose a lot of money for some skin show, which they call stripping.

private strippers

Private Strippers

It is quite common to pay $15 for a cover and $7 for a small glass of water. There are many performance categories here. The cheapest of the shows would still be $25 for one song. For $30-40, you can get 2-3 songs and this leaves you more unsatisfied than ever. For a complete private strippers performance with the most erotic display and 10 songs, you can end up paying anywhere from $400 to $500. Isn’t this one of the best ways you lose your money, smiling all the time? There are better options to the club strippers and they dance only for you.

You can always hire some private LA Strippers. The girls are as hot as you find in one of those pricey clubs but the best part about their performance is that they dance only for your pleasure. Hiring a condo or a hotel room and calling your private stripper there can be a great idea. You can get all personal undivided attention from this stripper if you wish to. The deals are generally better financially and trust us; we have never seen strippers as smoking hot as the private strippers in Los Angeles.

These Party Strippers will perform as per your requirements and not according to the club rules. Plus, you can always ask for a costume themed performance. Be it a school girl or a police officer, a French maid or a nurse, they all come to dance only for you and your pals. The best thing is that you are always relaxed in your place and the party always moves according to you, the man of the house. Why waste time and money on public displays? You must only go for private strippers.

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