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Puerto Rico Bachelorette Party Ideas

Celebrate a Bachelorette Party in San Juan Puerto Rico

What makes Puerto Rico such a wonderful spot for you and your buddies to celebrate the loss of singlehood?

Bachelorette party ideas in San Juan Puerto Rico

No passport required

As a territory of the America, Puerto Rico is as easy to travel to as Disney, and only a quite bit farther of a flight. You do not need your passport, and you do not need an international data plan for your phone.


Depending on your penchant for little planes, Vieques is just a little flight away from the mainland and actually value a visit. And a ride in one of those little propeller planes, and you will fast separate the bachelor boys from the bachelorette men.

If you want to stay a pretty closer to home base, Culebra Flamenco Beach is accessible by catamaran, with lots of tours leaving port every day. Try East Island Excursion – their day trip contains 2 snorkeling stops, booze, and lunch for $99.


La Placita, San Juan major square, is a set of restaurants and bars that take care of all your guys night out needs. Begin with cocktails and dinner at the impossibility hip Santaella, and bar hop from there, dancing and drinking your way around the square.
The local beer in PR – might change Tecate as my favorite “truly not excellent than Budweiser but seems like it because I am in this new amazing place cerveza of choice.

Things to do

Puerto Rico is famous for its remarkable nightlife, beautiful beaches and gorgeous history. While not every appeal is up and running, Old San Juan still has much of its significant attractiveness and is mostly functional. The beaches are more beautiful than ever, especially Isle Verde Beach. For a while, guests were cautioned to avoid beaches with rivers flowering openly into them because of concerns about what flooding washed into the rivers and the future impact of heavy rains on river safety, but those worries have passed.

The islands of Culebra and Vieques, famous visitor places on their own, are still struggling with their recovery. Due to their plus issues in getting supplies to rebuild, they are not pretty ready for visitors, yet. Anyway, we will keep you updated and let you know when they are expected to have their famous visitor attractions open for visitors.

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