Rihanna lays down $8000 at Diamonds Strip Club

Who says hot strippers are just for rap videos and bachelor parties? Definitely not Rihanna. The new pop princess made her way to Florida and spent thousands of dollars in tips and multiple hours watching some of the hottest, most entertaining Miami strippers perform.

According to the source that dropped the leak, Rihanna said she wanted to get a feel for how exotic dancers moved to her music so she stopped by one of the popular Miami clubs in the early hours of a Sunday morning and made it rain. We’re not just talking a few dollar bills here; she apparently spent around $8,000 on tips for the girls.

Once she arrived for her educational excursion to study dance moves, she was so impressed with the performers that she stayed for nearly 3 hours. If they had bodies and moves good enough to keep Rihanna enamored, they must have been doing something right.

rihanna tips miami strippers

Rihanna Tips Miami Strippers

One of her favorite hot party stripper performances was reportedly by Remy Redd, one of the biggest (in all the best ways) strippers in Miami. She wasn’t the only one that caught Rihanna’s attention, though, as it took quite a few dances for Rihanna to drop the massive stacks of ones she brought in with her.

A few video clips started to make their way online showing Rihanna slipping dollar bills into the dancer’s outfits and making stacks of dollar bills rain on the girls. Rumors started to fly that one of RiRi’s best friends, Katy Perry, also showed up to the strip club for some early morning entertainment but Perry’s publicist later made a statement that she was in California at the time

Rihanna confirmed the trip to the King of Diamonds strip club where she had her fun with a Tweet to her massive fan base stating, “Lastnight one of my fantasies came to life! I got to see King of Diamonds strippers dance for me to the stripper song I made! #PoItTheF***Up. Wild for the night, f*** being polite!”

This wasn’t the first (or the last) time that Rihanna made her way to a strip club. A few days later she checked out the hot Atlanta strippers after performing a show at Philips Arena. Last year she famously tweeted that the best stress reliever a person can have is hot strippers. When they’re as sexy as the girls are in Florida it is hard to disagree.

It is also pretty safe to say that some of Rihanna’s songs like Pour It Up (which mentions raining dollar bills and strippers) may just have been written from experience. With the best Miami female strippers as hot as they are, though, can you really blame Rihanna for taking a trip to see the girls?

rihanna tipping miami strippers

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