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Guys, start your engines and contact the bachelor party event planner at the one and only Hot Party Stripper. The party planners will organize and assist in arranging your needs. From hiring the perfect choices of exotic dancers, midgets, party ideas, popular hotels and Airbnb, best nightclubs, and party spots to go to in the area, the bachelor party planners here can assist you today!

Our Upgrade Add On – THE WING MAN

Bachelor Party Packages

4 Starting Packages Below

fun things to do for a bachelor party
  • Q: I see other companies offer similar services but for a fraction of the price, why are your prices higher?

  • A: They say they offer the same things as included, but what they really mean is what is available. For example, a strip club has lap dances, alcohol, and champagne rooms all available for the $10 door entry, BUT they are only available NOT included. Plus, honesty is expensive. Cheap buys you deception & lack of service all day long.

  • Q: Are your services better than a strip club?

  • A: We wouldn’t say better (out of respect to many strip club owners we are friends with). It is different. With our private shows we have less rules and regulations, but still within legal limits.

(Game Day Stripper)

Working on a budget or don’t have a lot of time before you and the guys go to a different venue or location? The bronze starter package may be for you. With the bronze package you get:

  • Special attention for the bachelor

  • One-of-a-kind strip show

  • 1-hour strip show


Prices: $ Call now for package pricing for 1 or more girls or use the contact page form to get a quote

**Game Day Topless Waitress(s) also available – Call now for pricing

(Most Requested Package)

Want to take the party to the next level? The silver package will take the show from being focused on just the bachelor and give everyone a night they will be talking about for weeks. The silver package

  • Everything from the bronze package, PLUS

  • A more interactive show for the bachelor

  • Amazingly hot 2 girls with girl-on-girl show

  • 1.5 Hour Strip Show

Price: $$

(Way Better than a Strip Club)

Now you’re talking. With the Gold package, you will give your guests one of (if not THE) greatest show they have ever seen – the type of party they will talk about for MONTHS. The Gold package includes:

  • Everything from the bronze and silver packages, PLUS

  • Hotter, naughtier performance for the bachelor

  • Wilder 2 girls girl-on-girl show (I can’t stress how amazing this is)

  • Wild, interactive, and extremely SEXY party games

  • 2 Hour Strip Show

Price: $$$

$Baller’s Package$

This is the ultimate party stripper package. Your friends won’t be talking about this for weeks or months. They will talk about this for the rest of their lives. If you’re ready for the best stripper experience you will ever have, the Hot Party Stripper Ultimate Package is exactly what you need. Here’s what you get:

  • Everything from ALL of the other packages (bronze, silver, AND gold), including

  • Premium, unforgettable striptease for the bachelor

  • The hottest 2 girls girl-on-girl live show available today

  • The craziest party games you’ll ever play

  • Lap dances for everyone

  • And best of all: there’s no time limit!!

Price: $$$$

“Hey Sean, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for arranging our evening. Our night was filled with professionalism and courtesy. Our bachelor party of 8 was entirely happy with absolutely everything. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future, THANK YOU!!!  I don’t know your entire staff, but you absolutely made the right call sending who you did. We had a blast and when the shows began for everyone to enjoy, we made it rain. There wasn’t a single hesitation for the money we spent. Your info will be passed around for sure. As a fellow business owner I respect good customer service and quality of service delivered!”

– Jason


Best Bachelor Party

BREAKFAST w/Mimosas, Eggs & Bacon on Sunny Side Butt

DINNER w/Sushi, Pizza with Amore & Dessert

  • Exotic Dancers Strip Show

  • Dinner & Show

  • Dinner Sushi on a Stripper

  • Bottle Service w/Sparklers

  • Poker Night

  • Fantasy Football

  • Transvestite

  • Steak & Tits Dinner

  • Boat w/Captain Rental

  • Brunch/Lunch

  • Shooting Range

  • Party Bus

  • Paint Ball Games

  • Kidnap the Bachelor

  • Massages

  • Midgets for Hire

  • LED Angel Wing Girls

  • Stretch SUV Limo

  • Girl Wrestling

  • VIP Nightclub Connections

  • Sexy Wait-Staff

  • Special Costume Requests

  • Topless Bartender/Waitress

  • Fish & Strips

Boat Cruise with Boobs & More

Recommended  5+ guests

fun things to do for a bachelor party

Fun Bachelor Party

  • 3 hour private boat rental with Captain
  • 2 beautiful exotic strippers take it all off
  • Gourmet lunch or dinner buffet for all guests
  • Personal event planner

Girl Wrestling

Recommended 10+ guests

best bachelor party ideas

Best Bachelor Party Ideas

  • 1.5 hour LED blow up pool
  • 4 beautiful exotic strippers take it all off
  • 1 Male Referee in Costume of choice (we have over 100)
  • Personal event planner

Baller Poker Party

Recommended 10 guests

cheap bachelor party

Cheap Bachelor Party

  • 2 hours Party Room in Major City
  • Poker Table
  • 1 hot Poker Dealer
  • Platters of Finger Food
  • Sexy Strip Tease Show
  • Personal event planner

Steak & Boobs

Recommended 10 guests

  • Mouth Watering Dinner & Drink (gratuity included)
  • 2 beautiful exotic strippers take it all off
  • Silver Package Toy Show also
  • 2 Gorgeous Angel hostesses (to serve you)
  • Personal event planner

Clean Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party

So you want to host a bachelor party but truly don’t understand where to begin? No issue. Bachelor party event planner preparation is not that hard if you bear in mind the following detail while planning your bachelor party.

The bachelor party planner is traditionally planned by the Best Man. It is his liability to see the party is one the groom will fun and will remember for a long time but also one that the bride-to-be is relaxed with. Just Remember, the bachelor party is for the groom, not the person giving the fun party. In other words, remember the dislikes and likes of the groom when planning the party with hot strippers for hire. You should talk with him about what he would like and what he actually does not want before making any exact plans.

You will also need to talk with the groom about what days would be perfect for him. The party should be arranged for at least 1 week, if no more, before the wedding. The wedding week is wild and besides, no one desires the groom and wedding party hungover for this unique event. Once a few dates have been agreed upon, you should talk the dates with the rest of the wedding party to find the date that perfectly fits into everyone’s schedule.

And end, but not least, talk who should be invited to the bachelor party with the groom. Obviously, the male members of the wedding party are to be added but is there anyone who is very unique to the groom that should be invited. Any male member participating in the wedding is a party guest or potential bachelor. How many people to invite to a bachelor party depend on a number of things such as what types of activities are planned or where it is being held? To keep it easy, the guest list should not have more than twenty people. More than that the bachelor party becomes harder to orchestrate.

It is up to the best man to ensure all party expenses are paid. Once a strong idea for the party has been established, estimate the costs for the party. If it causes any money difficulty for anyone, other plans should be arranged so that no one feels dirty about how large or small their contribution to the party was.

Once the plans are agreed upon, look at the venues as soon as easy to ensure it will be available. Send out invitations well before the scheduled date. This will offer everyone plenty of time to make arrangements to join the festivities. Invitations should include, place and date, besides the usual time, a telephone number that a guest can call if there is an issue or he has any questions about the bachelor party. You can also hire a male or female stripper for your bachelor party.

Hire strippers at your Bachelor Party

What can be a special part of your bachelor party? Don’t forget to add the flavor of strippers in it. They can add more flair and enjoyment to your party. Hot party Strippers is the place from where you can hire guys and girls to go out laugh, have fun, dance, watch sports, anything to forget, and push to move on. Whether you or your friends are of shy nature, our kinky and extraordinary sexy strippers can make them open-minded with interesting ideas that you can experience much greater than any club. They are cute, smart, sexy, and more fun involved adding the most important part to your bachelor party.

How Strippers can provide the best job at your bachelor party?

  • Some strippers can do the seductive or fun prank dance for you. You can enjoy pole dancing, lap dances, exotic dancers bring their specific games to play with all of your guests.
  • You can have fun while drinking beer with strippers.
  • At your parties, you can select the theme as well as the dress of your strippers. They can dress like police, doctors, or nurses. Even your wait staff can be the strippers.
  • With the presence of strippers, your all guests will be entertained well by them. They will be given undivided attention to all of them especially the guest of honor.

Mostly, men hire strippers at your party for two reasons. The first one is obvious — All men like to have beautiful naked women sitting in their laps. The second is that. they get strippers to bond with other men.

If your friends are also having exotic fantasies like you then you can arrange your bachelor Party with sexy strippers. It can be one of the best opportunities for you and your friends to spend some leisure time. Here the participants can enjoy a lot of perks and munch. If you want to celebrate your bachelor party in the united states, then we can suggest to you the list of beautiful cities in which you can make your party well. Following are the best Bachelor party destinations in the united states, you can go there to make your day or night memorable.

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