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We can assist you with the hottest party of all time. Let’s go Baton Rouge, turn it up with some gorgeous Baton Rouge strippers for your special event planning needs. Have some beautiful female exotic dancers come out to your birthday party, bachelorette, or bachelor party. Other party ideas are themes like divorce or break-up celebrations, girls or guys night out, retirement celebration, anniversary, business convention social networking event brings some beautiful ladies over to increase the value of your social gathering status. Call the event planners (225) 317-7040 to set up specific needs for what you looking for.

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Celebrate a Bachelorette Party in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Need Bachelor or Bachelorette party ideas in Baton Rouge Louisiana?

Dinners and nightlife

Baton Rouge boasts a lively nightlife scene. Home to dance clubs and live music, specialty bars and world-class restaurants, the city is the best backdrop to your bachelorette or party celebration. Whether signing a karaoke duet with your buddies or dancing the night away is on your agenda, planning a perfect dinner and arranging for secure transportation is a must.

Baton Rouge provides different ways for groups to travel safely around the city. Air-conditioned and heated party buses are accessible for rental are best for bachelorette or bachelor parties. Limousine firms provide a big range of vehicles to take you and your group to your place in style. Planning for your transportation get rid of the worry of navigating through a city that may be unfamiliar, and also make sure each party guest can safety have a best time without hesitating about driving. Your driver can pick you and your group up and drop off at the face door of your hotel.

No issue what nighttime activities and your bridal party have planned, your evening should contain drinks and dinner at the Gregory. Placed in downtown Baton Rouge, adjacent to the Watermark hotel, the Gregory hotel provides a exceptional and special dining experience for all guests. Featuring local, fresh cuisine and new twists on Southern favorites, dinners at the Gregory offers a classy and tasty experience for you and your bridal party. Enjoy a drink at our complete service bar featuring handcrafted cocktails, a big wine list of and a large selection of domestic craft beers. Be sure to reserve your table in advance.

After a tasty dinner, your group will be ready to sample Baton Rouge amazing nightlife scene, featuring different dance and music clubs, lounges and patios, DJs, and live entertainment. The city is also house to many bars featuring craft cocktails and other specialty drinks. Some of the best ideas to make your event with Baton Rouge strippers a more festive containing theme for the evening is to check with the party planners to set up specifics such as package deals.

Slumber party and brunch

With all the things to view and perform, you and your party will no doubt be a pretty tired from all the festivities. When planning your bachelorette or bachelor party in Baton Rouge, the watermark hotel is the best place to stay. Placed in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, the watermark hotel wonderful architecture has made it a part of the city’s top history. Featuring wonderfully decorated guestrooms, a fitness center and 2 restaurant, including the Gregory, you and your bridal can enjoy enjoyable and comfortable stay.

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