Best Sports Bars in Columbus Ohio

The Best Bars in Columbus’ German Village, Ohio

* In Columbus’ German Village, you’ll find tremendous bars that function imported beers from all over the world and some that solely feature nearby Ohio breweries and draft beers. We list our pick out of the top 10 bars in this cultural hub. Try the ultimate party with some hot strippers coming out to your special night.

*Columbus Brewing Company Restaurant (CBC Restaurant)

* CBC Restaurant features handcrafted beer and their draft list consists of Ohio-based breweries only. They also take part in supporting Breast Cancer lookup on each and every Thursday in October with their special: a pink peppercorn crusted Gerber poultry breast, buttered broccolini and parmesan risotto with a vodka tomato cream sauce.


* Gresso’s takes into consideration the practice of barhopping or simply making an attempt to make it to the solebar you wish to go to for the night. Gresso’s can shuttle their clients to the Nationwide Arena, Huntington Park, the Arena District, and The Short North, so massive agencies of people need no longer fear about carpooling or now not fitting in one car. This place is extraordinarily accommodating and is a perfect venue for site visitors or vacationers who favor creating unforgettable reminiscences with a special experience.

*Club Diversity

* With a range in its name and party rocking strength in their hearts, Club Diversity multiplied to take gain of the outside patio area in a freestanding building, ensuing in a greater accommodating and blissful space. Four large gazebos are located in the rear patio and they have the great martini bar in Columbus. Hosting stay music, film nights, karaoke, and providing clients with Wi-Fi, Club Diversity is a lively and welcoming bar.

*Hey Hey, Bar & Grill

* Hey Hey Bar & Grill’s name came from the Prohibition era when bootleggers they would say “Hey! Hey! The Beer is here!”. Since then, that phrase became the title to be aware of this venue by. Their lower priced and good-sized beer determination ranges from ale to wheat, and their whole menu is listed with a cautioned pairing of beer, making it less difficult for visitors to decide what to order.

*Three Sheets Brewery District

* At Three Sheets, there is a completely happy hour each and every day from three in the afternoon to nine at night. With a residence birthday party surroundings and a strong sense of community, Three Sheets gives visitors an active and exciting venue. The location is nice suited for specific activities like holidays, university parties, birthday parties, and a number of different exceptional occasions regularly take vicinity here. With an intimate and shiny setting, it’s challenging now not to have an accurate time at Three Sheets. It’s time to spice up your event with Columbus strippers coming out to entertain all of your guests at your event.

*Beck Tavern

* The Beck Tavern is a famous haunt with flat-screen TVs to watch sports games, friendly service, countless hospitality, and favorites on tap. There’s a sense of intimacy and comradeship here as dartboards are available for companies of a friend to play. There’s additionally no ready line to use them because there are three boards, inspiring friendly competition. These boards and the scoring chalkboards have been given via regulars who determined to give lower back to the region that capacity a great deal to them.

*G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar

* At G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar, looking dapper and polished is an ought to in this state-of-the-art setting; it is an area for celebrations, first impressions, first dates, anniversaries, enterprise meetings, or simply a night-time out to deal with yourself. Their listing of full-bodied red wines and champagnes hail from New Zealand, Austria, Spain, and Napa. No unique style is left out and no useful resource is saved with this extensive list; it’s very indulgent.