From your favorite performers and signers, the top venues in which to experience their performances, this round up has the top of Las Vegas nightlife, for those who love to be entertained. Here are the best list of Las Vegas shows. Try the ultimate party with some hot strippers coming out to your special night.

The Colosseum

The Las Vegas replica of Rome’s very old Colosseum is one of the biggest theaters in town, with different levels of seating that house some 4,300 patrons. The venue is a catch-all. It hosts performances by visiting comedians and musicians as well as regular shows by artists in-residence, including Rod Steward, Journey, Carey, and country superstars Reba McEntire, Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks. Any show at the Colosseum will be remarkable way to celebrate a unique occasion.

T-Mobile Arena

The Las Vegas Golden Knights, a National Honey League big team. Built in 2016, the arena is a fully new complex aimed at delivering one of the top fan experiences out there. Simple to spot from the Las Vegas Strippers thanks to its neon pink lighting, the circular arena grips 20,000 seats, including 2 party suites, 44 luxury suites, and more than 2 dozen private loge boxes.

Le Reve

Since it opened in 2005 at the Wynn Las Vegas, Le Reve has wowed show-goers with its amazing love story, told via aerial acrobatics, synchronized swimming, and simply charming dancing. Almost every act is touched by water; the stage actually lowers and raises into twenty-seven foot-deep pool, and parts of the story are punctuated with the use of 172 high-run fountains, a forty-seven foot-tall rain curtain, sixteen fire-shooting gadgets, and video projections.

The Fountains of Bellagio

Standing on the sidewalk of congested Las Vegas in 115-degree heat may seem like a dirty idea, but once the music starts and the Bellagio Casino and Hotel fountains begin shooting into the air, all that noise and commotion fade away. More than one thousand water fountains are placed within Lake Bellagio.


The Opium theaters sit on the Cosmopolitan second level, next to the Rose. Rabbit. Lie Supper club. The theater is intimate – just a half-circle level at the front – but since the show is about a spaceship that take visitors from Uranus to Las Vegas, the venue is meant to feel like the set of science-fiction film: albeit fun, a cheesy, one. It is also fitting way to cap off your Vegas holiday if you are head your fill of gambling and partying.

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