Here are the top locations to visit and celebrate a birthday party.

Birthday Party in Sydney Australia

Sydney harbour bridge

Definitely the Harbour bridge, or Coathanger as the domestic calls it, also has to get a mention. You can a perform a bridge walk if that takes your fancy or just admire it from below. Sydney Harbour Bridge is probably most popular around the globe as the place of one of the globe first New Years Eve Fireworks shows each year. Try the ultimate party with some hot strippers coming out to your special night.

The Rocks

The Rocks is a charming and historic part of Sydney just five minutes away from Circular Quay. Not just can you learn more about Australia convict history at the Police and Justice Museum but you can also enjoy amazing shopping at the Rocks Markets every weekend. There are some wonderful old pubs to be found around the cobbled streets as well as some truly galleries and upmarket shops. A true mix of the present and past! Ensure to check out Pancakes on the Rocks for a bit of an afternoon treat.

Darling harbour

You will find many of the famous things to do in Sydney placed in Darling Harbour. It is perfect enough to stroll around this pedestrainsed area and people watch but you should also try to visit some of the top attractions you will find here, such as the Australian National Maritime Museum, which has some wonderful exhibits, or the Chinese Gardens of Friendship.

Sea life Sydney aquarium

Right next door to Wildlife Sydney and you can look into some marine life at this wonderful aquarium. There are lots of various zones to explore here as well. Check out rays and sharks or my personal favourite viewing penguins at Penguin Expedition. You will also view a dugong which sadly are extremely rarely seen in the wild. Sea life Sydney is mainly valve a visit if you are unable to visit the bigger Barrier Reef on your Australia trip.

Sydney harbour cruise

There are different choices for getting out and viewing Sydney from the water. The affordable choice is to get on one of the ferries. You will still have the chance to check out the Opera House from a different angle, possibly view some marine life, whilst at the same thing getting to your place, which is, more often than not, Manly.


Many is one of the most famous places on Sydney North Shore. It will take thirty minutes to ferry to get here and you can then explore the restaurants and shops or Sydney Strippers or just chill out in the ocean pool.

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