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The Best Pizza Places in San Diego For A Bachelor Party Dinner

While New York and Chicago continue to have their childish shouting matches over who makes the best pizza, we’ll just be down here enjoying some of the finest cheese and crust creations in the country — and we’ll probably head to the beach afterward because, well, we can. San Diego has no shortage of pizza places serving up varied takes on the classic childhood foodstuff, from no-frills slice shops to tavern-style restaurants with perfect pie/pint pairings, and it’s time everyone else realized it. Hot strippers are always available with hot party stripper companies and reliably are on time and put on great strip shows. Here are the best damn places to eat pizza in San Diego.

See Buona Forchetta For A Great Dinner With Our Hot Girls

A local favorite serving Neapolitan-style pies

This neighborhood favorite with a snug outpost in South Park and a huge new location in Liberty Station offers three dozen different pies ready to crush your cabs and cheese cravings (all of which can be made gluten-free). You really can’t make a bad call, whether you go for something simple like the Margherita or try something more unusual, like the Agnese, which is loaded with porcini mushrooms, shrimp, scallop, ricotta, and mozzarella. Pro tip: Hold onto the olive oil and balsamic from bread service, as you’ll want a puddle of it to drag your crusts through.


Well-rounded Italian spot using specialty pizza dough

The pizza makers at this hopping Italian restaurant owned by the same team behind Bencotto invested some serious dedication into crafting the perfect pizza dough. Made with yeast and flour imported from Italy, it slowly ferments for four days before it’s stretched, topped, and baked in a brick-lined gas oven. The Bencotto pizza — with ricotta, mozzarella, and the same pink pancetta sauce that tops noodles next door — deserves a spot on your must-eat list.

Bronx Pizza

Classic & reliable NY-style slices

This beloved slice shop is known for classic, NY-style pies that clobber your hunger with the strength of a heavyweight. The Whitestone (a white pie with mozzarella, garlic, and dollops of creamy herbed ricotta cheese) is a must, but so are the calzones and house specialties like the triple-threat Porko (pepperoni, sausage, and meatballs), so it’ll probably take a few visits to find your favorite. The no-frills seating area is fine for a quick bite, but if you want a full pie, it’s better to call ahead for a fresh one to-go. There’s no delivery, and the parking situation is a permanent pain in the butt but pies this good are worth the trouble.

Swing By Regents Pizzeria To Celebrate A Bachelor Party Fuel Up

Go-to near UCSD for the deep dish (or NY-style)

Regents deserve props for doing many things very well. There’s an excellent draft list, along with worthy appetizers like scorching hot wings and a bacon plate, plus all manner of salads and sandwiches… but the pizza is where it really shines, of course. You can get a whole pie if you’re willing to wait, or head directly to the slice case for instant gratification. There are many different varieties of NY-style and Chicago deep-dish pies here (a rarity!), so the only responsible thing is to get one of each. It’s time to spice up your event with San Diego strippers coming out to entertain all of your guests at your event.

Find Out The Taste Of The Cucina Urbana and Cucina Enoteca After With Our Hotties

Elegant sister restaurants with elevated pizza and robust wine lists

When you want a nice night out but aren’t prepared to ignore your pizza craving, this duo of restaurants is the perfect compromise. The thin-crust pies baked in a 600-degree oven tend to lean slightly cheffy, but familiar flavors ensure they’re never too precious. The pancetta and Brussels sprouts (a bΓ©chamel sauce pie with fontina, red onion, roasted garlic, and chili) are an excellent choice. Want something more traditional? The spicy coppa (a red sauce pie with spicy salami, house-made mozzarella, pepperoncini, Calabrian chili, and basil) is like a grown-up pepperoni pizza.

Indulge At Napizza And After A Ultimate Bachelor Party With Hot Party

Casual mini-chain for Roman-style pizza by the square

High standards and a commitment to perfection in the details secure this Roman-style pizza shop’s reputation as one of the top destinations for pizza in San Diego. The rectangular slices are crafted from a dough that takes three days to develop, resulting in a crisp and airy crust that is easier to digest than your standard NYC-style pie. Premium toppings like homemade basil pesto, truffle paste, and organic chicken seal the deal. The best plan of attack is to pair up with a partner and sample several varieties, like the Bapo, truffle porcini, and polls e pesto.

Blind Lady Ale House

Cozy craft beer bar with wood-fired pies

Thin-crust pies with crisp, blistered edges and an excellent selection of brews keep this Normal Heights pizzeria busy. It should come as no surprise to hear we wish there was another location (or locations) in the works. For now, we’re more than happy with the cheese-heaped Quattro formaggi and meat lovers’ pies topped with house-made sausage and chorizo.

Consider The Sicilian Thing for Hot Gils That Can Deliver To You

Slice shop for Sicilian and NY-style pizza

Sicilian-style pizza is difficult to find in San Diego, but nobody does it better than this longstanding shop in North Park. Don’t be fooled by the modest digs: Aside from perfecting the namesake style, it also does a bang-up job on New York-style pies. Not sure what to order? The Sicilian-style Almost Lasagna, named one of the eight best pizzas in the city, is a great pick. Daily specials like the $6 slice-and-a-beer deal on Tuesdays encourage mid-week pizza consumption, while everyday prices are so reasonable that it makes sense to order one pie of each style and plan on lots of leftovers.

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